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Possible Opponents for Bray Wyatt Following his Release

The Wrestling world was shocked when WWE confirmed the release of Windham Rotunda over the weekend. Rotunda, more commonly known as Bray Wyatt, was with WWE 12 years before his release. However, like many recent releases, Wyatt has already been fantasy booked by fans for fresh opponents in various companies. Today, we are going to look at some opponents Wyatt could face upon the completion of his 90-day non-compete clause.

Possible Opponents for Bray Wyatt Following his Release

Taylor Rotunda (Formerly Bo Dallas)

Much like Windham Rotunda, his brother Taylor saw his release from WWE during the pandemic era. Formerly Bo Dallas, Taylor Rotunda was released in April but is yet to appear on Impact, AEW, NJPW, or ROH amongst others. So a feud between brothers could propel the Rotunda’s career following their releases. 

More recently, feuds between brothers have had a decent success rate in both AEW and Impact. Such as Cody Rhodes facing Dustin Rhodes at AEW Double or Nothing being arguably the match of the night. Similarly, the feud between Jeff and Matt Hardy in Impact which concluded with ‘The Final Deletion’ birthed the cinematic match whilst polarising audiences. 

Overall, with the wrestling ability of both men alongside impeccable character work, a feud between both Taylor and Windham Rotunda could turn heads in the industry whichever company they are in. 

Malakai Black (Formerly Aleister Black and Tommy End)

A match-up that seemed destined in WWE was the clash between ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt and Aleister Black. With similar dark characters and intriguing promos, it is difficult to believe that neither man faced off during their time on the main roster together. But the door now seems open following both men’s release from WWE. 

Malakai Black recently debuted in AEW going after Cody Rhodes. His appearance just a month ago was immediately met by fanfare and has made fans optimistic about what the future holds for Black. And that might be Windham Rotunda. Because of Rotunda’s non-compete clause, Black could have numerous feuds before setting up a showdown with the former ‘Eater of Worlds’.  

Sami Callihan

Like most releases, fans immediately believe Rotunda is destined for AEW. However, Impact Wrestling is a company on the rise and one of the biggest stars they have is Samil Calihan. The former leader of Ohio vs Everything and revealed to be the ICU hacker, Calihan is one of the more intriguing prospects for Rotunda to face. With similar brawling styles, the two could have a stellar match which could be aided by a stipulation. 

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