Kobe's Explosion, LSU's Dominance and a Quick Note About LeBron #theUCshow

On this edition of #theUCshow, we'll have the homie Justin Tinsley of The Smoking Section sub in for Kenny as the bearded one has the night off.

We'll start things off with some commentary on the performances of LeBron and Kobe on Tuesday with Myles Brown of ESPN Truehoop. Then, we'll bring on Michael Felder of In The Bleachers for some perspective on the LSU vs. Alabama national title game.  Zac Jackson of Fox Sports Ohio stops in next to discuss the NFL Playoffs.  Finally, we'll close with a discussion about the 2012 NBA All-Star game and the total awkwardness that surrounds it.

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Sidenote: After this edition of #theUCshow, I stayed up until well after 1 a.m. to watch the Miami Heat lose to the Los Angeles Clippers. In short, I don't think I've ever seen anything like I saw with LeBron and what transpired in the 4th quarter and in overtime. He is one of those athletes that I have always defended, and last night what transpired was indefensible. Missed free throws, lapses in judgment and an overall lack of control in what was going on late in the game.

I legitimately have concerns on what has changed in LeBron, the 2006-2009 LeBron doesn't play like he did last night. Totally aggressive versus being tepid and passive. I can't honestly remember the last time LeBron actually dunked on someone (okay Tinsley helped me remember, it was Game 3 of the Finals on Ian Mahinmi) and the 2006-09 LeBron was actually pretty damn clutch. Not this current version.

I don't have a synopsis fully vetted out yet, but my fear is that once I get to that conclusion of where he is right now, it'll tarnish my viewpoint of him moving forward.

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