Top 10 Seattle Mariners of all time

Active players do not qualify for this list. While the Mariners have not had the richest history, their roster features some legendary figures throughout its existence.

10) Alvin Davis

Davis may be an underrated hero of Mariners history, yet his 1989 season may have been one of this team's greatest underappreciated ones ever seen. Hitting 305 with 21 home runs and an OPS of.920 led the American League with an Offensive Win Percentage at 751.

9) Dan Wilson

Wilson stands as the premier catcher in Mariners history and consistently ranked within the top four American League players for throwing out base stealers between 1994-1997; leading the league twice during that span (in 1995 and 1997).

8) Jamie Moyer

Moyer arrived in Seattle at age 33, having played for five other teams before signing with Seattle in 1996 as an unexpected journeyman, yet quickly made an impressionable impact with them, starting 323 games over 11 seasons (a team record by 2006) for them and going 145-87 in his tenure there.

7) Jay Buhner

Buhner Won a Gold Glove Award In 1996. Jay Buhner was an integral player on the Mariners for over ten years, compiling some impressive statistics, including games played (1,440) and hits (1,255), third all-time in home runs (307) and walks (788). Also won an MLB All-Star game Gold Glove award.

6) Alex Rodriguez

Rodriguez, as a Mariner, proved difficult to stop during the post-season as he hit 18 for 53 (.334) for Seattle with three homers and had an overall average of.309 with them and 189 homers to his credit - as well as being a forceful presence on basepaths.

5) Felix Hernandez

Hernandez holds the most wins in team history (158) and holds the best starter ERA (3.19). Additionally, his perfect game against Tampa Bay in 2012 ranks as a career-high performance by any pitcher ever seen by this organization.

4) Edgar Martinez

Martinez played more games for the Cubs (2,055) than anyone in team history and scored more runs (1,219). His average was second-best (.312); on-base percentage was unrivaled (.412 - Ken Phelps is next with.392). And his walk total may always be at most (1,283; Griffey has 819). And of course, there was his double down the line that scored Joey Cora and Griffey to beat the Yankees in 1995 -

3) Randy Johnson

As a Mariner, Randy Johnson averaged 10.6 strikeouts per nine innings (by comparison, Hernandez averages 8.4). Johnson pitched the first no-hitter ever seen by the club and also secured two of their biggest victories; first by defeating Angels in one-game playoff and later by getting win in relief against Yankees in Game 5.

2) Ichiro

Not much was expected of Ichiro during his rookie season for the Mariners, yet thanks to an outstanding debut by him they went on to win an MLB-record-tying 116 games and capture only their second MVP ever (Ichiro himself won only once before!). 2004 marked all-time season hits record setting for him; later still his lifetime team hits (2533) and average (.322) records won't be easily broken either.

1) Ken Griffey Jr

No further explanation should be required, as Griffey made being a Mariners fan cool. His ascension led to playoff contention and respectability that they hadn't experienced previously - not to mention helping secure them a new ballpark much needed by fans at that time.

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