TSFJ’s Creatives in Communications Youth Initiative

With a focus to increase placement and opportunity in communications for minority teenagers and teenagers from low-income households, the mission of TSFJ’s Creative in Communications Youth Initiative is to spotlight and encourage teens with a strong voice by using social media and digital media.

The Executive Summary

62% of online teens get their news about current events online, a number that has steadily risen since 2000 according to a recent Pew Research Center study on social media and mobile usage by teenagers. Moreover, minorities are the biggest users of social media and mobile usage as a generation of teens are more than ever connected to ‘what’s happening’ around the world. From teens from lower-income households are three times more likely to blog and write online compared to any other household group to black and hispanic teens being more interested in writing and design, kids aged 12-18 are not only looking to be influenced but are interested in being influential.

The opportunity to invest in a generation of influential minds is now. In response to the shifting trend, The Sports Fan Journal (TSFJ) will look to provide opportunity to fund the dreams of kids who look to communicate their passion by using digital and social media as a conduit.

The Solution

TSFJ’s Creatives in Communications Youth Initiative will function as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides scholarships and workshops targeted towards low-income and minority teenagers interested in communications with a focus in their passions. With matching contributions from both partners and donors, TSFJ will raise additional money from program sponsors and fundraising campaigns.

The Advisory Group

A distinguished advisory group will assist in laying the foundation for our vision, forging new relationships and sharing their expertise in communications and design. We are grateful to them for sharing their wisdom: Channing Beumer, Terry Collins, John Gotty, Cindy Hamilton, Katherine Kulczyk, John Moore, Paul Navarro, Ben Osborne, Mike Prada 

The Financial Goal

Our financial goal is to raise $25,000 annually to fund scholarships, workshops and back-end operations (marketing, delivery, fulfillment, administration) to properly execute. Our initiative will look to create an individual benefit for worthy candidates that provides a social and scholastic good.

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