MCA, Rucker Park And Gunnin’ For That #1 Spot In The NBA

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As I was trying to decide what to write for The Sports Fan Journal to usher in the 2012-13 NBA season, I couldn’t help but harken back to a piece I wrote over at my original home base entitled “You Ugly as Shit, Donte.

The post is about the documentary “Gunnin’ for that #1 Spot,” chronicling a few of the high school players chosen for the inaugural Elite 24 game in New York’s historic Rucker Park. The reason it stuck out in my mind this year is because it was produced by Adam Yauch, best known as MCA from the Beastie Boys, who passed away earlier this year from cancer. Being an avid basketball and Beastie Boys fan — hell, my pen name comes from my favorite Beastie Boys song — I figured I’d take a look back at the players profiled in “Gunnin’ for that #1 Spot” and the ones who didn’t get much airtime but participated in the game.

Remarkably, 14 of the 24 players from that game in 2006 are in the NBA, a few of them household names. So let’s take a look at these players that were “Gunnin’ for that #1 Spot” back in high school to see where they stack up in the NBA.

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  • There are guys on here that I thought would be stars, others who have blossomed and others who I thought would definitely make the league but ultimately didn’t. Great read Rev, 2200 well spent.


  • Smarter says:

    Yo, it really is weird going back and watching this time capsule of a film and realizing not only how the featured players destinies panned out, but that the filmmaker has also passed on. Still one of my favorite documentaries on the game and I’m still waiting for B. Jennings to have his breakout season (although even if he doesn’t, he has made Compton rather proud, and gave back to the community, which is all any of us can ask for, really)

  • Serious E says:

    Great stuff, Rev. Ridiculous to have this many would-be stars in one film, waaayyy before the made the big leagues. It’s certainly not ironic that the youthful, street-baller part of these dudes’ games is what’s holding them back from serious stardom … or that big contract, as both Tyreke and Jennings didn’t get their payday because they still don’t have that refined game of, say, a James Harden or Ty Lawson. Can Tyreke become a lockdown defender, a better passer, a better jump shooter from deep? The Kings dont’ seem to think so. Can Jennings be better than a change-of-pace scorer and average distributor? Bucks wonder. And will this finally be the year for Beas to become reliable as a complete player? Suns are praying.

    Meanwhile, the dudes with solid college coaching even in the small time some of them spent there — Love, Holiday, Singler, Lawson — seem to be taking that next step. With Love, he’s already there …

  • JT says:

    When this movie came out I thought Lance, Reke and Beasley were going to be all-stars in no time. When Mick(UC) got Lance I was geeked also, but he didn’t put in work like I thought he would. I think Reke and Beas can turn it around if they do the right things but who knows. Right now besides Love the closest star is Jennings. Don Nelson messed up Randolph’s career nobody can tell me differently he messed with that boy’s mental health.
    Corey Fisher was dope at Nova, I’m shocked he didn’t make it.
    Dope post. Peace!!

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