The NBA season kicked off its 2012-13 campaign last night, and everything for a moment felt right in the world. Twitter/Facebook/G-Chat/text messages were on fire, basketball bloggers everywhere had purpose again and the chances to see the greatest athletes in the world on center stage was the coronation of day one of the season.

Of course, the talk of who will win the NBA title has already been narrowed down to five teams: Miami, Oklahoma City, San Antonio, Boston and the Los Angeles Lakers. Well, two of those teams lost yesterday, with one of them getting ran out of their own building. (Hi, Lakers fans.)

So in part three of our NBA Question of the Day series, we ask a simple question. Can anyone in the league crack the “Top 5″ squads and make a run at the NBA Finals? Our debaters will be G. Hylton of Durham, North Carolina, and Matt Whitener of St. Louis, Missouri. Let the debate begin.