Starting Lineups: It's Official, Patrick Beverley Is The Tazmanian Devil Reincarnated

patrick beverley houston rockets

I suppose I should be talking about the masterful performance that Lamarcus Aldridge put on during Game 1 of the NBA Playoffs between the Portland Trail Blazers and the Houston Rockets. A game in which Aldridge put up 46 points and 18 rebounds, a stat line (of 45+ points and 15+ rebounds) that's only occurred 6 times in NBA history during the playoffs. Remarkable stuff, really.

Or, I suppose I should be talking about the virtuoso performance of the first time attendant to the Playoff gala in Damian Lillard. His dagger threes and clutch decisions propelled the Blazers over the Rockets in a 122-120 overtime victory on Sunday. You aren't supposed to put up 31-9-5 in your first ever playoff game, but that's what the Oakland prodigy did on Sunday night.

But nah, I'm not going to go at length about the leading players on the winning side. Nope, I can't do it.

Patrick Beverley was the superstar of Sunday night's festivities, and it's not even close.

Let it be known right now that after Beverley rambled his way through Russell Westbrook's knee last season during the 2013 NBA playoffs, I had a real disdain for the man. Who in the hell does this guy think he is? Playing all crazy, out of control, borderline reckless and with no sense whatsoever? The nerve of this guy. Witnessing Beverley wreck havoc on the Thunder's title chances last season, stung me to the core, but I got over it. However, witnessing Beverley continue to wreck havoc against all foes is something entirely different, and when he continued to wreck havoc when the light's shone bright during the playoffs, I knew finally figured out who Beverley was impersonating as.

The man is the real life Tazmanian Devil.

Patrick Beverley is one part insane, one part desperate and one part genius. This is what happens when you give a plucky young man from Chicago who has been on the fringe of an NBA career for years. What you witness in Beverley on the court is a hunger to be relevant. It's shocking to see at first, but you grow to appreciate it because he's always this way. Beverley has turned me into a fan, even if he sideswiped and derailed my favorite player's path to greatness.

Maybe we should all live our lives like a Tazmanian Devil a little more often. Happy Monday, enjoy the morning reads.

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