Avian Flu: Josh McRoberts Got All Types Of Sick On Chris Andersen

Happy Easter, everybody.

A cool thing happened today, as I decided to try and acquire a new skill to help myself become a king of the internet. I learned how to make GIF's. Yes, the #1 way in which human life chooses to interact with one another in the digital age is now within my arsenal of talents.

I began sharpening my skills a bit during the first game of our Sunday quadruple-header as San Antonio Spurs and Dallas Mavericks did battle, but nothing awesome really came out of that game. (Except for the fact that Dallas somehow found a way to squander a game that was totally in their grasp) Then the Miami Heat versus Charlotte Bobcats game came on.

To be honest, my senses were heightened, mostly because I figured that if anyone was going to give me something GIF-worthy it'd be LeBron James. Instead, it would be a long-haired bearded gentleman dunking on a mohawk-haired bearded gentleman.

McBob gave Birdman the Avian Flu.


Because I'm a man of the people, I will also give it to you in video form. You're welcome.


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