All Geno Smith Had To Do Was Put On A Damn Suit In Round 2 Of The NFL Draft

Geno Smith's been all in the news today, as word has come out that the now rookie quarterback of the New York Jets has decided to leave his agency representation, Select Sports Group. The choice of Smith was made for a variety of reasons, including the fact that he felt he was sold a dream that he would be the No. 1 overall pick of the 2013 NFL Draft. Moreover, news from Smith's camp has leaked that the former West Virginia signal caller was upset that when Pro Football Weekly's Nolan Nawrocki issued a scathing scouting report (similar to Cam Newton's) that his agency did nothing to downplay and/or dissuade these reports.

Select Sports Group has been on the P.R. trail recently, making a series of comments to defend their position in representing Smith and wishing him well in the process:

“We worked tirelessly for Geno Smith and all of our draft prospects. The NFL Draft is unpredictable, and we prepared Geno and all of our draft prospects, as we do every year, about what can happen during the draft. Not only did we tell him that what transpired on the first day of the draft was possible, the question of whether Geno would be a first- or second-round pick was arguably the most talked about subject in the three months leading up to the draft. We wish Geno the best.”

Speaking only for myself, I was in the camp that up until the NFL Draft, I believed that Geno Smith could one day be a solid quarterback in the National Football League. Maybe even being an Aaron Brooks type of QB. However, there was one thing this man did on the second day of the NFL Draft that let me know that I would want no parts of this man on my favorite football team.

This man hit the stage with a polo sweater that I can only imagine came from Marshall's, TJ Maxx, Ross or K&G.

No man, that's not acceptable. You can't be out here showing up to the NFL Draft wearing a sweater that you probably pulled the "XL" size sticker off of just hours before. No man, that's not acceptable. New York City has tons of suit shops and tailors, go get you another damn suit. No man, that's not acceptable. Hell, you could've went to Nordstrom Rack or Burlington Coat Factory and copped a shirt/tie combination that matched with your suit pattern dog. No man, that's not acceptable. Hell, if you were going to hit the stage fraudulently, you might as well went up there in a wifebeater (a-shirt) and some hoopin' shorts. Then you got the nerve to be out here guaranteeing a playoff spot for the New York Bleeping Jets? Dog...what?

In the span of six days, my entire thought process of you has been flipped. I'm not saying that you're not capable of doing great things, but you've now lost the benefit of the doubt with me. When you get your first check, go find a tailor and get you about 5-6 got damned suits, go into Jets camp and (try to) learn some humility, which won't be easy in Rex Ryan land, and stop making guarantees until you can make us think Joe Namath has some respect for you and turn this situation of yours around.

Make us believe again brother, one suit at a time.

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