Anthony Davis Talks NBA 2K14, Says Tyreke Evans Is Scared To Play Him

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Michael Jordan's bald head. Patrick Ewing's box fade. Larry Johnson's gold tooth. Scottie Pippen's huge nose. We grew up with these signature looks from players we revered as kids, but for the new generation, their looks will consist of LeBron's skewed headband, Kobe's underbite, Harden's beard and now maybe the most unique look yet, Anthony Davis and his unibrow.

For Davis and his 'brow, the new-look New Orleans Pelicans will be fighting for your basketball viewing attention this season as new additions like Tyreke Evans and Jrue Holiday, along with a rebranding effort that includes a new nicknames (WHAT UP, PELLIES) and uniforms (eh), look to bring the masses down to check The Big Easy's new hoop squad. The integral cog in this is Davis, and when he's not working on his post game or his mid-range jumper, the man is spending his quality time on the sticks playing NBA 2K14.

The folks over at 2K Sports gave Davis a chance to peel back the curtain to see what the latest iteration of the best basketball game on the planet would look like on the new next-gen platforms like the XBox 1 and the PlayStation 4. More importantly, 2K Sports also gave me a chance to catch up with Davis to get his thoughts on the game and on the upcoming season for the Pelicans.

Eddie Maisonet: Who is the best NBA 2K14 player in the New Orleans Pelicans locker room?

Anthony Davis: Of course I'm going to say me just because I believe in myself, but it really is me. It's just the truth. I've heard that Tyreke (Evans) is nice on the sticks, but he's acting scared and hasn't played me yet. We'll set it up at some point and make it happen. 

 Ed: How concerned were you about 2K Sports getting your eyebrows right?

AD: (chuckles) What I tell people about NBA 2K14 is that if you've never actually seen me up close and personal before, when you play the game it really looks like me. The eyebrow is real, and I'm just amazed at how good it looks.

Ed: Do you and your teammates ever complain about your ratings in 2K?

AD: We don't talk about ratings too much, but with the new real-time system, you actually can change your ratings in real life. If you work on your game and you show immediate growth as a player, 2K will update it gradually over time. You don't have to wait an entire system to see the changes; you can see it week-to-week. That's pretty cool.

Ed: How do you feel you've grown as a man and as a player, now in your second season in the NBA?

AD: It's been a big year. Coming off of the Olympics last year and playing with that awesome group of guys, to going through my rookie season and then coming back to Team USA Basketball, I can definitely feel an improvement in my game. With this team, we've added four new players, and I'm ready to do whatever coach (Monty Williams) asks of me. I want to win, and I think we can do it with this group.

Ed: Do you have a preference of where you like to play, the 4 vs. the 5?

AD: I love playing power forward, but I have no problem playing either position. I'm a basketball player, and whatever the coaches think will be best for us to win basketball games, then I'm here for that.

Ed: Finally, do you have any words for TSFJ's own Bryan Crawford?

AD: Yeah, tell that man when I see him on the court for a pick-up game that he's officially in trouble. Your jumper is broke, and I'm about to finish you.

Ed: Well said, my brother, well said.

You can reserve your copy of the next-gen NBA 2K14 for PlayStation 4 or XBox 360 as the new systems and the games will be available starting on November 15th. 

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