Starting Lineups: You Need To Hear The Wild Recruiting Stories Of Barry Switzer Immediately

Barry Switzer might as well be a member of my family, at least to my Uncle Bill and my Grandpop. While hearing the legendary tales of the greatness that is the Oklahoma Sooners football program, no one moved my family's collective needle like Barry Switzer did. Sure, Bud Wilkinson was the precursor, and Bob Stoops now sits on the throne, but for the elder statesmen in my family, it was all about the legend of Switzer.

So when I was alerted that one of my best friends Richard Boadu was able to go one-on-one with the great one to discuss all the chicanery and tomfoolery that took place in Norman to acquire some of the greatest football players of all time? Well, consider me committed for 32 minutes and 42 seconds (via Grantland).

On OU's recruitment of Marcus Dupree with big belt buckles and a rolex:

I sent Billy Sims on a big private jet to Philadelphia, Mississippi, to bring Marcus to Oklahoma before National Signing Day. Billy Sims comes off the jet in his cowboy hat, blue jeans, big belt buckle, Rolex, and his national championship ring. Here he is, Billy Sims, NFL Rookie of the Year, and Marcus is surprised to see Billy get off the jet to pick him up. Marcus takes Billy back to school and introduces him to everyone in Philadelphia, Mississippi, before they get back on the plane to come back to Oklahoma. Marcus was sold after that.

It was different from any other experience. He was the best that never was, without a doubt. When I saw him in high school, he was better than anyone I’d ever seen, and I’ve seen ’em all. I’d seen the Bo Jacksons, the Herschel Walkers, the Eric Dickersons, Earl Campbells. I recruited them all. I saw ’em play live, I’ve seen the tape on ’em out of high school.

On OU's recruitment of Billy Sims and hiding him in a basement:

I told Billy to hide out for two days. I wanted to sign Kenny King — hell, I wanted to sign every player in Texas, which I damn near did. I signed 13 of the 19 blue-chip list that year. Kenny King, Daryl Hunt, the Tabor twins, Greg Roberts, Thomas Lott, Billy Sims, and several others. But I can’t be everywhere, and Kenny wanted me to sign him at 8 a.m. Once I told Billy to hide out, he went to Houston with his dad for two days.

I sold him on it when I told him that once the smoke clears, everyone is going to be wondering where’d Billy sign? And then you’re going to get all of the attention and all the press when you sign. He kind of liked that idea. Two days later, he surfaces in Hooks, Texas, and all the attention and media in the country is given to him.

What's interesting in that piece is what former OU legend and eight-time All-Pro tight end Keith Jackson and his mama said about Switzer: "You know, he’s the only head coach that has ever been in my home who’s ever made me feel comfortable in my home," said Gladys Jackson. Now that's how you recruit, folks.

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