Starting Lineups: The Jimmer Fredette Era Is Coming To An End In Sacramento


Jimmer Fredette might as well be known as Spaceman. Well, kinda.

If you ever saw the movie Sunset Park, then you know that Spaceman (played by Terrence Howard) was the 12th man on the Sunset Park High School basketball team. He was a carefree and quirky guy who was a virtual mystery to anyone involved with the basketball team. Eventually, Spaceman got a chance to prove what he could do, and then he took over in a leading role for the squad. For The Jimmer, the man still has not had his Spaceman moment (although I can guarantee he can rebound better than Spaceman), but his moment might be soon coming.*

Per Greg Wissinger over at SBNation's Sactown Royalty, the Kings are chucking the deuce to Fredette:

Multiple reports this morning indicate that the Sacramento Kings are working on a buyout agreement with point guard Jimmer Fredette. It was expected that Jimmer would have a reduced role the remainder of the season, but it comes as somewhat of a surprise that he'll be bought out. Jimmer has the best three point field goal percentage among all qualified players in the NBA, and should be a coveted free agent once a buyout is completed. The Kings attempted to trade Jimmer at the deadline, but were unable to fetch even a second round pick.

Personally, I'm rooting for the Jimmer, and if the Oklahoma City Thunder were able to acquire him I'd go back home and pack up Derek Fisher's bags myself I'd be ecstatic. But man, could you imagine him in San Antonio? Memphis? Miami? Sometimes another man's trash is another man's treasure, and in the case of Fredette, you just might acquire one of the best three-point shooters for the price of a wooden nickel.

Such is life for the greatest basketball player in BYU history not named Danny Ainge, as he soon joins (probably just for a short time) the unemployment line. Here are the pertinent links for you to read on this glorious Wednesday morning.

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*Okay fine, I don't think the comparison between Spaceman and The Jimmer was all that strong, but whatever. Sunset Park is an awesome movie, and Jimmer Fredette's college career will go down as one of his generation's best. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go jam out to "Hoop N Yo Face."

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