Brad Hall's Unboxing Of The Air Jordan XI Retro Legend Blue Is Amazing

If you're into sneakers, then you've seen a video or three of sneaker bloggers and industry insiders who get their limited edition kicks and do what's called an 'unboxing'. Unboxing is what it sounds like, as folks will shoot video and/or take photos of the entire process from lusting over the shoebox itself to noting the intricacies of the shoe itself. There will be commentary about the materials, design and feel of the shoe while getting as many close-ups of the shoe as possible. Most people aren't that good at it, some people are really good at it.

For some, this is shoe porn. For others, this is patently absurd. This is what's been born from sneaker culture.

Enter Brad Hall, a shoe unboxing legend who drops the proverbial deuce on all others who dare try to unbox sneakers. In his third installment of his shoe review series, Hall drops 2:17 of shoe unboxing wizardry on the Air Jordan XI with a monotone voice, corporate square attire and a passion of pristine sneakers that is unmatched. Prepare to be entertained.

Let's just break out the reasons why this video is awesome with a list.

  1. Look at the set. That carpet. The wood. The random Jordan poster. Incredible.
  2. Indeed, the Air Jordan 11 in white and legend blue is the GOAT. The greatest of all time Michael "Air" Jordan sneaker of all-time. Thanks for noting this Brad.
  3. The gloves. Bruh.
  4. I died a 18 slow deaths when he tried to eat the sole.
  5. The spinning platform. Bruh.
  6. "I will wear them to my funeral."
  7. The shoehorn. Bruh.
  8. The greatness that is not ever actually putting them on his feet? Brilliant.
  9. The fake walking with the shoes? Bruh.

All hail Brad Hall for bringing shenanigans and tomfoolery to the sneaker world. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to get me a pair of XI's and try to walk in them without actually putting my feet in the shoes.

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