23 Years Later, Bugs And MJ Collaborate Again: Air Jordan 1 Mid ‘Hare’ x 'Lola'

The Air Jordan VIII, more commonly known as the Bugs Bunnys, were the first pair of signature shoes from Michael Jordan that I asked my mother to buy me. The year was was 1992. I was 9 years old. I vaguely remember the conversation.

Young Ed: Mom, I really want these new Bugs Bunny Jordans!

Mom: Oh yeah, let me see them.

Young Ed: (shows Mom photo of sneakers)

Mom: Those are...interesting.

Young Ed: Aren't they dope! Can I get them? Please!

Mom: How much they cost?

Young Ed: Around $100 or so.

Mom: What? $100? Boy, I don't even spend $100 for shoes on myself, and you think I'm gonna spend $100 for some cartoon shoes that you can run around and get dirty in? Get out of with that and go clean your room.

Young Ed: 🙁

Those shoes with the straps, fuzzy tongue and the white/black/red colorway had a pre-pubescent adolescent hooked. Unfortunately, mom was not on board with my plan.

Nike's collaboration of Jordan and Bugs was something the homies and I at Crosby Park Elementary couldn't stop talking about as they debuted their legendary commercial 23 years ago. "Who'd you expect, Elmer Fudd?" was uttered ad nauseum with friends, and the dynamic duo would forever be linked with more commercials and a movie you may of heard of called Space Jam.

The good folks over at Jordan Brand got Ahmad Rashad together with Bugs to chop it up on the bunny's relationship with MJ and detailed some of their past shenanigans. In addition to the video interview, Jordan Brand will release two Hare Jordan anniversary products this weekend — the Air Jordan 1 Mid “Hare” and the girl’s Air Jordan 1 Mid “Lola.”


Both shoes will release this Saturday, April 4, at select retail stores and Jordan.com. Stay tuned to Nike News and @Jumpman23 for Hare Jordan product updates and releases. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to scourge my network and the internets to see if I can get my paws on the Hare's. Check out the photos below on the 'Hare' and Lola'.

Air Jordan 1 Mid 'Hare'


Air Jordan 1 Mid 'Lola'


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