Chris Webber And Million Dollar Ballers Deliver For The Fans


Watching Chris Webber do work on TNT for the NBA Playoffs is always a treat. We've proclaimed how great of a job we think C-Webb does on TSFJ before, but the reality of things is this. When Charles Barkley decides to descend from his throne on Inside The NBA, it will be Shaquille O'Neal that slides into his spot, and C-Webb that slides into Shaq's spot. Inside The NBA will transform before our very eyes, but the show will still go on and Webber will make sure the show continues to shine and we will continue to show our appreciation.

Appreciation can be shown in various capacities, and for Webber and our fashionable friends over at Million Dollar Ballers, they have teamed up on a T-shirt for both C-Webb fans and for Webber's charity "Legends Give Back." More from Greg Beers, the founder of MDB and creators of their newest C-Webb tee that honors one of the greatest players ever to lace up a pair of high-tops:

Webber had a strong connection with fans throughout his highlight filled career and continues to be a fan favorite to this day. He finished his 15th NBA season as a 5-time All-Star, Rebounding Champion and Rookie of the Year with 17,182 points, 8,124 rebounds and 1,200 blocks.

"With a dynamic all-around game, C-Webb was a throwback during his era," says owner Greg Beers. "We're honored to collaborate with him in giving back to the fans and community."

Through their Legends Give Back program, Million Dollar Ballers will donate a portion of the proceeds to a charity on behalf of Chris Webber.

Sidenote: I stumbled across this video of Chris Webber's jersey retirement ceremony about a week ago and its fascinating how much one player can mean to an entire franchise. Webber helped make Sacramento not only relevant, but prideful in their team, and there's something empowering in that. Yes, Vlade, Bibby and Peja plus others also had their hands in what transpired in the Cowbell Kingdom, but C-Webb was what that was, and he made Kings fans out of almost all of us.

You can find Million Dollar Ballers at, on Twitter @mdballers or at For more information, email [email protected].

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