Concussions And Quarterbacks: Vick, Smith And Cutler All Hit The Showers On Sunday

I can vividly remember being at that party that I didn't have any business being at when I was in high school. There was good looking women around, music was turned up and libation might've been passed around even if we were all underage. Of course, you (probably) had some home training, and you knew you needed to be home by a certain hour (11 p.m.) of time. Even as a young Ed would try to push the limit by coming home at 11:15 p.m. (and getting cussed out by my mama in the process), the point of me coming home was that my mama didn't want me falling into the traps of juvenile behavior.

What happened on our NFL Sunday reminded me of my mother's overtones ringing in my head to bring my ass home at a decent hour. In the span of five hours, three marquee quarterbacks all had their helmets taken away and were told to hit the showers as each was diagnosed with a concussion.

  • Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick got his head driven in the ground on an unassuming tackle by Dallas Cowboys lineman Jay Ratliff in the second quarter. Many Eagles fans had clamored for the Nick Foles Era to begin. The Nick Foles Era lasted for about 1.5 quarters; then folks began wondering if Donovan McNabb Vick would be available next week.
  • San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith got cracked in the skull while scrambling for yards versus the St. Louis Rams. Colin Kaepernick did an admirable job back-filling Smith, but the neophyte quarterback floundered under the pressure in overtime.
  • Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler at some point in time in the first half suffered a concussion. With the look that Cutler always has on his face, it would be impossible to determine when he actually suffered a bump to the head. Jason Campbell was out there doing Jason Campbell-y things, and it didn't end well for the Bears.

Something that should be noted here. All three teams finished winless on Sunday, as the 49ers somehow found a way to give us the first tie in the NFL in four years. All three games undoubtedly would've been better with the three signal callers in the game, but you know what's even better? Living. I can't remember quarterbacks being taken out with concussion symptoms like this ever, especially in big games. It's a testament to the teams cherishing the future of their assets and taking the new rules the NFL has laid down seriously. Is it perfect? Of course not, but it's good to know that we'll get to see our favorite QBs play another game.

That's all you can ask for. Well, that and a lack of ties. Ties suck.

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