Jay-Z's Interview With The Breakfast Club Highlights His Cowboys Fandom, Roc Nation Sports And More

From what started as arguably the greatest hype build up for an album since the days of Kanye West and 50 Cent beefing on album sales, Jay-Z's three-minute takeover of the NBA Finals with his commercial announcement of his Magna Carta Holy Grail album reminded the world that S. Carter can still captivate the masses.

These days, Hov has decided to get our attention not only with the July 4th release of MCHG, but also by leaving his relationship with the Big Russian and the Brooklyn Nets to try and corner his own market in the sports representation business with Roc Nation Sports. From working with musical heavyweights like Rick Rubin and Pharrell to sports heavyweights like Robinson Cano and Kevin Durant, it seems that every chess move Hov makes results in a virtual checkmate.

In a rare almost hour-long interview, the folks at 105.1 FM's The Breakfast Club in NYC had the chance to bounce questions off of Hova that discusses everything from his fandom of the Dallas Cowboys (and how it relates to cocaine) to his feelings about reviews of his albums and his feelings about his latest venture, Roc Nation Sports. (Personally, I wish I was there to ask him his thoughts on Geno Smiff's wardrobe fail at the NFL Draft, but this would prove to be unproductive.) All four Youtube video clips are below, TGIF and enjoy.





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