Watch Deion Sanders' Beyond The Glory Documentary Because Football Is 54 Days Away

Seven weeks, five days. The 2013 NFL season can't get here fast enough.

So while we toil away with the second half of the baseball season, cookouts and happy hours, playing an egregious amount of video games and sprinkling in 20-30 minutes with your significant other/kids/loved ones, we'll continue to count down the days until grown man football can officially be played.

With that being said, I was browsing the internets the other day and I stumbled across the FOX Sports documentary series, "Beyond The Glory" and their profile of Deion Sanders. 50 minutes later, I was happy to have spent that time watching the ups and downs of Deion's career and my cravings for football had subsided for a bit.

Anyway, I hope this works as a mild sedative for your football fix. We're getting closer folks, we're just 54 days away.

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