The Holy Trinity: Dr. O'Neal, Kenny, Chuck And The Unified Greatness Shown On Inside The NBA

If you missed Inside The NBA last night...well, what in the hell is wrong with you? During the end of the show, after the four-man brigade of Ernie Johnson, Dr. Shaquille O'Neal, Kenny "The Jet" Smith and Charles Barkley had thoroughly broke down the three-game slate of games on Thursday, after Dr. O'Neal brought us recurring episode of "Shaqtin A Fool" and after the crew made fun of Kenny's knock-kneed was finally time for EJ's Neato Stat of the Night.

Kristen Ledlow, your new co-host (along with Grant Hill) of NBA Inside Stuff, was the special guest for the show, and when she stepped onto the court with the four-man brigade. We all figured that this would be a friendly and cordial way to introduce her to the people. Let us learn about her a bit, talk about her basketball background and engage in some colorful banter.

What we didn't realize would happen next was that Kristen Ledlow would be issuing the gauntlet of a challenge to the great Dr. Shaquille O'Neal.

The fact that Shaq defeated Kristen Ledlow 2-1 in a free throw contest to 5 is irrelevant. The greatness in this video clip is how the band of brothers, Shaq, Kenny and Chuck, came together and unified as one against this evilness that was Ledlow. When the three of them came together and started hopping around and doing tribal chants in celebration of Shaq's victory, I was turned up for some reason...and here are the three quotes that put the night over the top for me.


I haven't seen a belt like that since I was down at The Cheetah. -- Chuck


No one takes this belt from me! -- Shaq



Amen. TGIF.

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