New Era Encourages Fans To 'Speak With Your Cap' This NFL Season

new era caps speak your voice

The NFL fitted cap has now become a regular piece of my wardrobe.

I've always tried to make a point to pickup a fitted cap that represents a city that I have visited or lived in during my time on this earth. Therefore, I have multiple caps that represent Cincinnati, Seattle, Atlanta and the Bay Area. It's funny how you can rock a cap and people will see it and spark off a conversation about their background, their current life and of course, their fandom towards their favorite teams.

It's with that in mind that New Era Caps have sparked up their latest campaign called, "Speak With Your Cap," in which fans can say how they feel by simply repping their squad on the front of their lid:

Football is back! To continue to excitement, New Era is launching its new campaign “Speak With Your Cap’. Your cap is your voice, your stake in the ground, and everything you've got. It says where you're from and what you believe in. So this NFL season, don't just wear a New Era cap -- speak with one. Watch hip-hop artist/producer Chuck Inglish create an exclusive track as NFL heavyweights Hakeem Nicks, Lance Briggs, Stevie Johnson, Marcell Dareus, and Eric Decker show us how they speak with their caps. -- Katherine Kulczyk, New Era Communications Manager 

You might've noticed their latest commercial, which aired during  the Monday Night Football doubleheader,  but here is the vid in full. Now if I can just get my Jaguars fitted to translate to saying, "We're really terrible so we can get Teddy Bridgewater in the 2014 NFL Draft." Because then that would be awesome. (And make my life easier.)

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