Nike and XBox Introduce 'Nike + Kinect Training'

If you love video games and need an excuse to begin working out, then Nike and the XBox Kinect might have a solution for you.

There have been plenty of video games on the Nintendo Wii that will make you break a sweat. Hell, I've even broken a sweat bowling on the Wii once. (Gotta generate that spin.) However, playing mini-games and other kid-like games is one thing, having a brand that focuses on getting the best out of athletes and a trainer coaching you along the way can cost you a bunch of money that you probably don't have.

Per the press release:

Whatever your fitness goal, “Nike+ Kinect Training” will give you the tools to get you there. Through the Kinect technology, the personal trainers within the experience can see how your body moves, assess your physical strengths and athleticism, identify areas for improvement, and create a personalized workout plan to help you achieve your personal best. With real-time feedback to make sure positions and movements are correct, the “Nike+ Kinect Training” custom program evolves as you do, helping you get fitter, faster and stronger.

This is just the type of excuse you could use to tell your significant other or mom (because I know a few of you are living in your mom's basement, which is cool) that you want to play video games for a few more minutes. Feel that burn. “Nike+ Kinect Training” will be available exclusively on Kinect for Xbox 360 during the holiday 2012 season.


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