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Two words. Women. Sneakers.

For some men, this might be two of their favorite things ever in life (okay, maybe just me) to ever be written. However, for many men, if you are fortunate to find a dope woman and a dope pair of kicks in your life that you really love, you've done quite well. If you can find a dope woman and a dope pair of kicks at the same damn time??? Well, you've won the game. Don't worry about passing go to collect $200, give that to charity. Just quit the game, drop the mic and drive off in your Winnebago and retire.

As it were, our friend of the family Channing of has frequently featured both women and sneakers on her site, as the #ChicksNKicks project, in the words of Miss Chan-Lo, "offers some pretty sweet eye candy for you fellas, but it allows us all to get to know a rising star across a plethora of industries."


So enjoy the women, enjoy the kicks and maybe you'll learn something about a rising star or six in the process. Now proceed to the slideshow for further entertainment...


Name: Alex Reid / @thealexreid
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Occupation: Singer, Songwriter
Kicks: Jordan SC-1

CL: Obviously, we love kicks. What are some of your favorite ways to rock your sneaks?

AR: See, that’s the amazing thing about sneaks… they are so versatile and can make a statement with just about any ensemble. My all time favorite look is probably an oversized vintage sweatshirt, white knee high tube socks, and high top Jordans that are half a size too big. (Yeah I meant that lol… Makes your legs look more toned, and it’s bossy and bratty looking.)

My runner up would have to be the pairing of a short dress with all black high top Dunks.

Featured on Chicks N’ Kicks | Alex Reid – Jordan SC-1


Name: Jonnell Chavez / @JonnellChavez
Location: Formerly Triple D, Now West Coast Steezin’
Occupation: Designer x Creator x Graphic Artist
Kicks Shown: Air Jordan 13

CL: Obviously, we love sneakers. What are a few of your favorite pairs to rock?

JC: Chucks, of course! LOL! any color is cool long as they are still G and not cheesy. I also love Nike Dunks. I think those are really cute if worn the right way

Featured on Chicks N’ Kicks: Jonnell Chavez | AJ 13 Retro CDP.

jade alston adidas originals

Name: Jade Alston / @jadealston
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Occupation: Indie Pop/Soul Recording Artist & Songwriter
Kicks Shown: Adidas Original High – Vanity (Black and White)

CL: Obviously, we love kicks. What are some of your favorite ways to rock your sneaks?

JA: If I’m wearing sneakers then I love to be sexy & show my legs in short shorts or skirts or something like that. I like to add a feminine edge.

Featured on Chicks N’ Kicks: Jade Alston | Adidas Superstar 2.0


Name: Stephanie “Eleven8” Ogbogu / @eleven8
Location: Atlanta, GA by way of Austin, TX
Occupation: Blogger / Marketing & PR Rep
Kicks: Air Jordan Son of Mars GS “Bordeaux”

CL: You know I love kicks and I know you’re just as big of a sneaker head. What are your two favorite pairs, new and old?

SO: I tend to love the kicks the hypebeasts don’t really talk about. I’m a fan of so many different brands but so far I have 2 in my collection that are my babies – My Ewing 33 Hi’s and my denim Jeremy Scott Wings. They are attention grabbers, much like myself and I don’t have to camp out in long lines and spend an extra $200 on eBay to have them.

Featured on Chicks N’ Kicks | Stephanie “Eleven 8″ Ogbogu – AJ Son of Mars GS

kari michelle converse all stars

Name: Kari Michelle / @AceBoonCalhoun
Location: Los Angeles
Occupation: Model/Assistant Designer
Kicks Shown: Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Hi “Art Is Free Expression” Edition

CL: Obviously, we love kicks. What are some of your favorite ways to rock your sneaks?

KM: I love a cut off graphic sweatshirt and some high waist bottoms, then a hat or funky scarf.

Featured on Chicks N’ Kicks | Kari Michelle – Converse All-Star Hi “Art Is Free Expression” Edition


Name: Marchetta McDonald / @SugarSpikes1
Location: Dallas, TX
Occupation: Owner of Sugar & Spikes
Kicks: Nike Delta Lite Mid (Dark Grey/Mint and Candy)

CL: Obviously, we love kicks. What are some of the ways chicks can rock their kicks and maintain an air of femininity?

MM: I am feeling high tops in bright colors paired with what I feel the most comfortable in: Dresses & Skirts!!!

Featured on Chicks N’ Kicks | Marchetta McDonald – Nike Delta Lite Mid

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