QOTD: Which NBA Player Should Get Next On A Signature Shoe Deal?

Just in the first month of 2015 we saw two emerging superstars in the NBA earn their own signature shoe deals courtesy of adidas and Under Armour. Damian Lillard (and the adidas D Lillard 1) and Steph Curry (Under Armour Curry One) joined rarified air in January by becoming the 18th and 19th players in the NBA to have their own signature shoes with major sneaker companies.

Nate Jones and Nick DePaula are two people whom I highly respect and are very knowledgeable in the business of sneakers. On Thursday, the duo compiled the complete list of the 19 NBA players who currently have a shoe to call their own.

Yes, I know some of you are saying things like, "I've never heard of Brand Black before in my life!" (cool stuff on Brand Black and 361 actually, check it out) and, "Why do Dwight Howard's shoes only sell in China?" (because you know you're not about to purchase a pair of those), and that's perfectly understandable. I asked the same questions.

However, after reviewing the list I began to wonder … who's next? Who would be the next ideal candidate to sell a signature shoe for a brand? Is there someone out there with strong enough star power plus personality to make it resonate with you? The younger people in your family? Your mom? These are things to really think about when pondering who a possible brand ambassador could be.

Here are 5 candidates who I think could merit a signature shoe deal, along with the brand who should sign them.

James Harden — Under Armour

The Beard has cemented himself as an elite player in the league and bona fide MVP candidate. With a signature game and look, it only seems fitting that Harden would get a signature shoe. Why Under Armour? If UA was willing to throw $300 million in Kevin Durant's direction, it could probably spend a third of that on Harden and let him be the face of the brand alongside Steph Curry. Harden and Curry together on the same squad? Now that's scary.

Russell Westbrook — Jordan Brand

The league's most eccentric basketball player is also the game's most electrifying. Westbrook's furious rage both on the court with his game and off the court with his fashion preferences makes him an ideal candidate for a signature shoe. Never forget that many of Jordan's signature shoes featured crazy fabric and prints that seemed over the top 25 years ago. If anyone could pull off more insane looks while pushing innovative new designs, it's Westbrook.

Nick Young — Reebok

Truthfully, I doubt Nick Young would ever consider signing with Reebok, but if I was a brand on the rise and needed someone to be a flag bearer, then Swaggy P is an easy choice. He's in an elite market (Los Angeles), he's got arguably the best personality in the NBA and having that association with a famous female (kinda sorta) rapper can't hurt things. Really, whatever it takes to get more Swaggy P in our lives, I'm here for it.

Anthony Davis — Nike

With the addition to Kyrie Irving to the roster, Nike now has 4 players signed to signature deals. While Kyrie and Kevin Durant are primed to carry the mothership for the next decade or so, LeBron James is rounding turn 3 in his career and Kobe's latest injury could be the end of Black Mamba in the NBA. Enter Anthony Davis, the clear and present next young gun in the league who already is a Nike athlete. Sure, the question will arise if big men can sell shoes, but if anyone can do it, Nike can.

Andrew Wiggins — adidas

Canada's finest basketball export since Steve Nash is starting to turn the corner in Minneapolis as the Minnesota Timberwolves might have found their next franchise player since Kevin Garnett. adidas is already in cahoots with Wiggins, and a signature shoe seems all too likely for #22. adidas hasn't had a wing player on the roster sell a signature shoe consistently since Tracy McGrady, and it might be time for a player who looks a lot like T-Mac in Wiggins to carry the Three Stripes into the future.

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