QOTD: Who's Your Candidate for 3rd Place In The NBA's MVP Voting?

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I can speak for B-Lew, Kenny and Tinsley when I say that one of the best guests we've ever had on The Unsportsmanlike Conduct Show is the homie @SHERMradio. Sherm is hilarious, especially considering the fact that he is a Chi-town resident who is a Miami Heat fan, dude is nuts. Anyway, the man tweeted something the other day while Carmelo Anthony was getting off once again with another 40+ point performance.

"Carmelo Anthony is doing a great job in locking up all those 3rd place votes for the MVP race." -- @SHERMradio

That's what its come to in the NBA these days. Saying that the MVP should just be written in stone with LeBron's name on it for the next 5-6 years is accepted by almost all hoop fans. The fact that Kevin Durant can continually lead the league in scoring while achieving the triple-double for shooters with the 50/40/90 percentages (field-goal, 3-point and free-throw shooting) will probably lock up all the 2nd-place votes. The debate for 3rd-place is a different story altogether and is actually a fun debate. Consider the following with a few of the candidates:

  • Carmelo Anthony: The New York Knicks are 43-19 with Carmelo in the lineup this season, a mediocre 6-7 without him...yet some folks have the nerve to think he's the most overpaid athlete in the league? Yeah, okay.
  • Chris Paul: Contrary to popular belief, the scariest player in the NBA with the ball in his hands with the game on the line isn't Kobe or Carmelo, its Chris Paul. How valuable is that asset in itself?
  • Kobe Bryant: The man has somehow had his most efficient season in his lengthy career, been exposed as a mostly fraudulent defender and exceeded his own levels of jerkiness via the press conference and on Twitter. This has to mean something, right?
  • Russell Westbrook: You know what, let me not do this....I don't want to start a riot.
  • Tony Parker: The one who got some buzz early in the season that he should be considered for the actual MVP award seems foolish, but he is the best player on the team with the best record in the the West. Plus, he's found a way to still play quality basketball after ruining his relationship with Eva Longoria, whatever that means.
  • Paul George: Its funny how an injury here, a positional change there and an increase in responsibility can change a player. For Paul George, in the span of 70 games he's made an all-star in Danny Granger expendable and made his team a viable threat to challenge Miami for Eastern conference supremacy. (Not that it'll happen, but still)

Who would you choose for 3rd-place in the MVP voting, you know, if you could ACTUALLY vote. Is it one of the players listed above, or is it someone I haven't listed? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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