Starting Lineups: The Re-Introduction Of Reggie Bush And Finding The Right Fit

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I buy my jeans from American Eagle.

I know that might sound weird, coming from someone like myself, but it's true. I buy my jeans from a store whose age demographic is somewhere in the range of folks who love music from One Direction and Miley Cyrus. (I have no idea who those people are.) It's not that I haven't tried to find other quality denims to rock, but while Levi's are just a tad unkind to the husky brother and I refuse to spend that much money on a pair of True Religions, the folks over at AE keep this hustling and bustling 30-year-old looking halfway decent. CUT THE CHECK, AMERICAN EAGLE, GIMME MY MONEY!

Many times in life, things can make or break by being a good or bad fit in a system. For Reggie Bush, it's always seemed to be his dilemma in the NFL. We all remember his days as a Heisman winner at USC, where down-the-field wind sprints and cuts on a dime were regular occurrences coming out of that vaunted Trojan backfield with LenDale White. When he was drafted #2 overall by the New Orleans Saints and paired with Drew Brees, things seemed to be looking up. And yes, there were real flashes that showed what Bush was capable of from the tailback position, but injuries and uneven performance in a vaunted Sean Payton led offensive system had many (me) ready to write off Bush.

So after it was obvious that the Saints and Bush weren't going to be able to agree on the money, Reggie took his talents to South Beach. The man told the world that he'd run for 2,000 yards as a member of the Miami Dolphins and looked to help a young team become a winner. And yes, there again was some flashes of ruggedness and real grit in Bush's running style. However, we all knew that the Reggie Bush era wasn't going to end well in Miami, and after two years in Dade, Bush's future in the NFL was beginning to look murky.

However, just like those favorite pair of jeans I love wearing from AE, Reggie Bush looks to have possibly settled into a beautiful fit in Motown. Flanked by an all-world wide receiver and a quarterback who loves slanging the pill anywhere and everywhere around the field, Reggie Bush joined Calvin Johnson and Matthew Stafford to form as formidable of a trio as there is in the NFL. Yes, Bush already missed one game this season due to knee issues and it's not a given that the Lions are going to consistently be the offensive juggernaut they're capable of being, but I'll be damned if Reggie Bush doesn't look like a perfect fit in those Hawaiian Blue uniforms while running wind sprints and cutting on a dime for the people in the 313.

Sometimes it's all about finding the right fit, and once you do, you've got to appreciate it. Keep cooking Reggie Bush, keep cooking.

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