Ron Hunter, RJ Hunter And The Georgia State Panthers Provide A Shining Moment

Here's a friendly reminder for all those invested in multiple brackets during March Madness and the NCAA Tournament.

No one cares about your damn bracket.

We're here for the entertainment that is the tourney. We want upsets. We want one shining moments. We want madness. Who knew all of those things would happen so quickly on the real first day (because the first four doesn't really count) of March Madness.

Georgia State Panthers head coach Ron Hunter tore his ACL while celebrating his team's first birth into the NCAA tournament. That, in itself, is hilarious, sad and awesome. The man has been resigned to a stool and push-scooter as his means of sitting and moving around. Again, hilarious, sad and awesome.

Also of note, Ron Hunter's son RJ, is the star of the Panthers. However, against the Baylor Bears in first round action, RJ was playing especially crappy. A 4-of-11 night included a 1-of-6 performance from 3-point range. Yikes.

Of course, with seconds remaining and the Panthers down by 2, RJ Hunter decided he would be 2-of-7 from three with a ridiculous 3-pointer from about 30 feet away.

Watch the Vine again, and now pay attention to coach on the stool. Yes, that happened.

All hail the Georgia State Panthers, who have shocked the world and made it to the second round. Also, pray for Ron Hunter. Because the man might break into a 1,000 pieces if they keep winning games like this. Good grief.

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