Eric Kelly Talks Chris Rock, Vladimir Putin, Cuban Boxers And More!

What do Chris Rock, Russian president Vladimir Putin, James Kirkland’s new trainer and Cuban fighters have in common? Eric Kelly.

The quick-witted, no-sugar-added truth-teller, who hosts hilarious episodes of Vice Sports, is most famous for a viral video about training Wall Street nerds. Yet, long before that, he was chopping it up with Chris Rock in one of the funniest videos about boxing ever! Kelly breaks down exactly how he got involved.

When you're interviewing Kelly, you never know what you’re going to get except for the truth, spouted out X-rated and with sincerity. He pulls no punches. In this week's interview, Kelly offers a straightforward and entertaining breakdown of the barn burner to come between Canelo Alvarez and James Kirkland, including his pick for the fight. He even talks about why and how he'd train Vladimir Putin but avoid getting in the ring with the Cuban amateur fighters. Then, he breaks down the PED issue in MMA and boxing.

This isn't a typical interview, it's an Eric Kelly interview. Hold on to your seats and grab some popcorn, the show is about to begin!

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