Score: The Million Dollar Ballers Title Collection

I was born and raised in the state of Oklahoma. I am an Oklahoma City Thunder fan since the team came to the Sooner State after Kevin Durant's rookie season. You might ask yourself a question, "But Ed, who did you root for before the Thunder got to Oklahoma City?"

Good question. The answer? The Seattle Supersonics. Oh the irony.

I was raised on the glory days of Shawn Kemp and Gary Payton courtesy of my Uncle Bill, the old man who helped shape my fanhood as a youth. Of course, he can remember the days when the Sonics were brand new and the first time they brought the city of Seattle a world championship. 1979. Dennis Johnson, Gus Johnson, Jack Sikma and "Downtown" Freddie Brown were what that was back in the day, and the homies at Million Dollar Ballers have lionized them along with four other championship teams in the 70's.

“The title year is special to fans in these cities. No matter how many championships their team wins, it will always be the first." -- Founder Greg Beers

Million Dollar Ballers captures the title teams of the Sonics, Milwaukee Bucks, Golden State Warriors, Portland Trail Blazers and Washington Bullets with the vintage color scheme and the year of hoisting the trophy. Peep the gallery below for each the shirts as they're now available for purchase.

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