Starting Lineups: The Big Dirty (Eli) Manning-wich, Courtesy Of Epic Meal Time

Meat. Liquor. Friends.

This should be the formula for everything, but in two instances this has become the formula for ultimate success. Tailgating at football games, and an online cooking show based in Canada.

Epic Meal Time is an internet phenomenon that averages 1 million page views a week per video that's posted every Tuesday. Yes, it is an online cooking show, but it is of the egregious variety in every way, shape and form. Tons of bacon. Tons of alcohol. Tons of unhealthy things for you to consume. What more could you possibly ask for? Nothing.

Enjoy the video, as Eli Manning has officially made it by getting a sandwich named after him by these outlandish Canadians. Excuse me as I consider how much I would enjoy devouring such a delicacy. Here is your pertinent reading material for Friday and enjoy the weekend.

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