Starting Lineups: 16 Years Ago, Vince Carter's Swag Was On High At North Carolina

Vince Carter

It's amazing what a conversation via Twitter can spawn.

The Worldwide Leader was doing it's usual promotion of the next battle between two teams that engage in the best rivalry in the history of college basketball. Per ESPN's flashback, they took the wayback machine to 2012, when Austin Rivers shook off Seth Curry and rained home a 25-foot bomb over Tyler Zeller to give the Duke Blue Devils another triumph against the North Carolina Tar Heels. I re-shared my immediate thoughts following Doc Rivers' son's buzzer-beater from 2012 via social media, and a young man named @Alec_gatorr responded with this tweet.

Laying out other great moments in Duke vs. UNC history:

  1. Jerry Stackhouse's dunk on Duke in '94
  2. Jeff Capel's miracle half-court shot in '95
  3. Gerald Henderson's elbow to Tyler Hansbrough's face in '07

But there was nothing like watching Vince Carter play at North Carolina. He was uninhibited.

And that included playing against Duke.

Last night, it was Leslie McDonald providing his own indelible moments, scoring a game-high 21 points in UNC's 74-66 victory in the Dean Dome. But Vince Carter's ridiculous swag and unbelievable dunks will forever remain in my memory as far as this rivalry is concerned.

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