Steven LeBron Radio (Ep. 62): The Gift That Keeps On Giving (Not Like Herpes, Though)

Being that Alex Wong is a demigod of many talents - published writer being one - when the man calls and humbles requests your presence on his critically acclaimed Steven LeBron podcast, you know what you do?

Jump. That's what the hell you do.

And that's exactly what Ed and yours truly did last week. The reunion of us three amigos from three different parts of North America was long overdue. Hence the reason we spoke and giggled for damn near three hours like we were a trio of teenage school girls watching Backstreet Boys concert re-runs.

Highlights of the show include:

-- Alex handing out nicknames like Magic handing out dimes in the Showtime era
-- Reading articles on the toilet while at work and having your legs fall asleep

**All before the show officially started**

-- The dichotomy of being a fan of various (Cowboys, Jaguars, Lakers, etc.)
-- The Lil B/Kevin Durant holy war
-- Our three perspectives on dealing with discrimination and racism

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