Sunday School: Boston and New York Square Off One More Time

Boston versus New York. New York versus Boston. Super Bowl XLVI will reunite these two rival cities as they do battle in Indianapolis later this evening. Remember the good and the bad between these two cities as we deliver the eleven dopest blogs, videos, articles and other shenanigans to serve as your reading material before the big game. Enjoy.

6 Magazine: An open letter from Gunner Kiel to Les Miles

Beyond The Arc: Allen Fieldhouse, Cameron aren’t toughest places to play?

Big Cat Country: Jaguars will be changing to black uniforms in 2013

College Football Talk: Boise State president says  ‘too late’ to move into Big East in 2012

Complex: Robert Griffin III Challenged President Obama to a Game of Basketball Before Saying a Lovely Prayer

Epic Meal Time: Big Dirty Manningwich

GQ: The Legend of the Crime Stopper, Aquille Carr

Kiratiana Travels: How to Buy Tickets to the 2012 London Olympic Games

SB Nation: Let The SEC Have Its Championships, The Big Ten Will Always Be First In Gentlemanly Club Life

SLAM Online: Nick Young Says Gilbert Arenas Got ‘That Kobe Treatment on His Knees’

Wall Street Journal: Goodell Says NFL Expansion’s a Longshot

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