The Animated Tales Of Wilt Chamberlain: Sharing Wisdom On Being Tall And Women

The legend of Wilt Chamberlain is widely known amongst any level of sports fans. From the diehard to your grandmama, there is at  least some small bit of knowledge that one will have about the man affectionately known as "Wilt The Stilt." However, sometimes the internet has a way of digging up old treasures and unearthing something fresh for the people to appreciate, and the good folks over at PBS did such a thing.

By way of ESPN's Henry Abbott, PBS has created a new series called "Blank on Blank," where they uncover lost interviews and jazz them up with fresh animation and funky music. You know, things that make us pay attention even more. But to be honest, this is Wilt Chamberlain talking, and when he talks, we listen. Especially when he's talking about being tall and dealing with women. (Okay, mostly about dealing with women, but you knew that already.)

Three things quickly.

1. As a bigger dude, I too have always had the desire to challenge small dudes at things that it would seem that they would be better than me at. Be it dancing, running, what have you, I'd always be that guy that would want to challenge them. Strange how us big fellas want to be small guys sometimes.

2. Hearing Wilt Chamberlain say that he didn't cave into women who wanted sit down on the bus and he wouldn't give up his seat because he was so tall made me chuckle. Because I think as men we've all had situations to be polite and chivalrous and yet for a bevy of reasons we decided not to. (Yes, that might make us terrible people for 5 minutes, but we get over it. Especially when we're headed to the bar to get a drink.)

3. "Viva La Difference" is the reason why all men should always be confident about dealing with women. Not all women like the same thing, and you might just have that point of differentiation that could just drive her wild. If it works for Wilt, it can work for you. (Okay, minus the thousands and thousands of women, but hey...shoot for the moon and miss, and you'll still land on the stars!)

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