Podcast: Bring It To The Altar - The NBA Playoffs Edition

kevin durant grizzlies thunder

There were a lotta sad souls on the recent edition of the UC Show. However, they still gave us quality insight, starting with Till. The man called in to give us some analysis on what is ailing the New York Knicks against the Indiana Pacers. He was pretty much impossible to rattle, which is a testament to his inner strength and his knowledge not only of the game, but of his team as well.

After that, the floor was open to Ed and he went on a rant/tirade/come to Jesus talk about turkey burgers, condiments and linking said items to the current state of the Oklahoma City Thunder. It's one of those things that's hard to explain. The best thing that can be said is to take a listen and feel the man's pain.

We closed the show watching the Heat/Bulls live and getting an immediate call from Bryan Crawford. The man held his head high, but it was obvious that the pain was very much fresh. However, he kept his poise, showed dignity and exhibited all the confidence in the world that his team will be back and will be back stronger than ever.

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