Ladies, Show Your Man It's Real By Reserving NCAA Football 14 For Him

NCAA football 14 oklahoma texas

With an early release date of July 5 and a national release date of July 9, the NCAA Football 14 video game release will help bridge the gap from the end of Game 7 between the Spurs and the Heat to the opening kickoff of the 2013 college football season. This is just another signal that the summer is officially here.

Ladies, what does this mean for you? Well, we've encouraged you to go cop a video game here and there for your man in the past, and as always I'm here thinking about you first. Why? Because the one thing I've learned in life is this, when you're happy, we're happy. Why? Because we hate seeing you upset. As men, we're hard-wired to try and fix whatever is ailing you. This is what we do.

So, as an act of good faith, do that good deed and put a smile on your man's face by reserving a copy of this game for him. Sure, there will be times where he is doing nothing but focusing on the game when he could be focusing on you. That's okay, that you have acquired the game for him, that means you can "encourage" him to NOT play the game. I'm not talking about foul play, I'm talking about FORE PLAY.

Ladies, show your man it's real and hook him up with the latest copy of NCAA Football 14...or any other video game that he loves playing. I mean, look at the demo of this game. It's beautiful, ain't it? Your man will be forever grateful, I promise.*

*Fellas, feel free to forward this to the woman of your choice as well...I'm here for the people. All the daps. 

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