Podcast: Murder Was The Case That They Gave Me (Me Being Aaron Hernandez)

Arrest Of New England Patriots Player Aaron Hernandez

On the most recent edition of The UC Show, Ed and Kenny led off talking about the arrest of Aaron Hernandez. Not only was Hernandez arrested and charged with murder in the first degree, he was also fired on his day off! That's right, the New England Patriots wasted zero time and cut his ass right then and there. Ed and Kenny had plenty to say about Hernandez, and the chat room did as well. There's no telling what's next for the young man, but if there's one thing we know, it's that this story is far from over.

After that, we spoke briefly about a larger issue: the fact that over 20 NFL players have been arrested since The Super Bowl. While the reasons for this are vast and beyond the scope of a radio segment, it certainly merited discussion. Ed and Kenny set the table on the show with the hope that more conversations will be had in the immediate future. After that, it was on to Dr. Shaquille O'Neal and his proclamation that he will become a mentor to DeMarcus Cousins. If there's anyone that can get to Boogie Cousins, it is a man the stature of Dr. O'Neal.

The two also spoke about the upcoming NBA Draft, as well as the swan song for Doc Rivers as he leaves Boston to begin a new coaching journey with the Los Angeles Clippers. The Clips have some good pieces and now that they have a coach that they can (seemingly) trust, the sky just might be the limit.

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