Russell Westbrook Tells The World IDGAF and YOLO Simultaneously

I'm convinced that Google Chat has spawned some of the greatest conversations, controversies and inspirations in history. Almost like clockwork, the homie Tins will hit me up on the Macbook Pro with the consistent greeting.


My response: "YO"

Then the conversation begins. Two months ago, Tins and I began to have our usual discussion about the NBA. From the LeBron struggle, to Kobe shenanigans and the strife of the Knicks. Of course, I happened to say something about Russell G. Westbrook that caught Tinsley's attention.

Russell Westbrook is like fighting Manny Pacquiao for four quarters and all 66 games this season.
He might miss, and you might get him.  But he's not going to stop swinging. Ever. The man is unrelenting, and can go off at any moment. -- Ed.

Coming home on Friday night, and seeing this alley-oop from Kevin Durant to Westbrook made me flashback to that conversation. The question now needs to be asked -- is Russell Westbrook the most explosive player in the league? Is he only second to Blake Griffin? Regardless, I guarantee I know what Russ said at the end of that oop.

YOOOOOOOLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (You Only Live Once, for my brothers and sisters who don't listen to Drake. Good for you.)

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