Native Pride: Kevin Durant Unveils the New Nike N7 Zoom KDIV

Kevin Durant and Nike have released their latest effort to support the N7 Fund with the latest edition of the Nike Zoom KDIV. N7 is a community program and fund dedicated to providing access to sport and physical activity for Native American and Aboriginal communities with a focus on youth.

Growing up in Oklahoma, embracing the Native American culture isn't an option, it's just a way of life. Thinking about the friends I grew up with and the experiences I had the opportunity to be exposed to makes being an Oklahoman unique. My Native American brothers and sisters back home love to hoop, and I can remember going to Pow Wow celebrations as a kid and my friends Johnny and Doyle having me come over and play ball on a random basketball court. Nike and KD's commitment to N7, with "Everybody Leaves A Footprint" as a tagline, helps ensure that Native American communities all around the globe can have the opportunity to hoop.

A portion of profits from sales of the N7 collection help to support the N7 Fund, which awards grants to Native American and Aboriginal grassroots sports and fitness programs for youth. The fund has raised more than $1 million for grantees since it began, including the Central Oklahoma American Indian Health Council and local program 4 The Love of the Game. Learn more at

Nike N7 Zoom KDIV - White
Nike N7 Zoom KDIV - White and Black

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