In The Rotation: "GP4" by Logic

Over the past few years, Logic has wrestled with the idea of retiring from the hip-hop game. However, when it comes to rappers toying with the thought, fans should always take the statement with a grain of salt, especially since some "retired" artists continue to make music subsequently. Well, on July 16, Logic took to Twitter to officially announce his departure from the game with the release of his final album, No Pressure.

Logic made it known that it's time for a new chapter as he focuses on his growing family, in addition to an exclusive streaming deal with Twitch. No Pressure seems like a full circle moment since he first came on to the mixtape scene in 2010 and four years later dropped his debut studio album, Under Pressure. In 2013, super producer No I.D. signed Logic to Def Jam and served as the executive producer to the rapper's debut. No Pressure may be Logic's final album, but he made sure to reunite with No I.D. to put his magic on it too, including a full circle production on the standout track, "GP4."

"GP4" is the fourth installment of Logic's "Growing Pains" track series that he initially started on his 2010 mixtape, Young, Broke, and Infamous. Within the track's first few seconds, Logic samples the classic "Elevators (Me & You)" track from the iconic hip-hop duo OutKast. This isn't the first time Logic has shown his fandom for OutKast, on "Growing Pains II," the rapper also sampled the duo's hit single, "Ms. Jackson."

On "GP4" Logic is heard looking back on his upbringing, calling out his critics, and elevating throughout his career:

"Wonder how the people gonna remember me, goddamn
Switch up the plan
We all say it, we all claim it but it's no use
The greatest rapper alive is probably stacking produce
Introduce you to my train of thought
Snapping on a track like the illest conductor
With no contradiction
I brought my heart to the table
Fact and never fiction, fuck a fable
Ready and willing you better believe I'm able to spit
Power through these lines faster than fiber-optic cable, I'm gone"

With No I.D.'s infectious production and a song flip that ATLiens fans will love, Logic's smooth, honest and effortless flow on "GP4" is sure to be a fan favorite. Over the course of his career, the rapper has earned Grammy nominations, released six studio albums and a couple of commercial mixtapes. If Logic is truly retiring from the game, No Pressure is the perfect finale for his ten-year career. If the weekend calls for some solid hip-hop that pays homage to a few classics, put Logic's "GP4" in the rotation.

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