The Kaepernick Rankings: The Return of Tom Savage in Week 10 Is No Surprise

After a mini hiatus, we are back with the Kaepernick Rankings. Since our last ranking in Week 8, the NFL continues to be littered with mediocre quarterback play. For the first time in what it feels like forever, there was improvement across the board, but of course not enough to say that Colin Kaepernick shouldn't belong in the NFL.

Week 11 sets the table to be one of the worst weeks to come with guys such as Tom Savage, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Kellen Clemens and Brock Osweiler currently starting for their respective teams.

As the season winds down, the chances of Kap landing on an NFL team continues to dwindle.

As I️ mentioned before, it’s unfortunate, but on the bright side, Kap is being rewarded outside of football. This week, he was named GQ’s Citizen of the Year in 2017. While his efforts to bring awareness about police brutality against brown and black people vilified him in the NFL, he is being revered in a light off the field that many didn't expect. It’s a shame that he isn’t throwing touchdowns on Sundays, but yet he is scoring in a major way within the community.

Having said that, let’s dive into this week's Kaepernick Rankings.

The Player: Tom Savage, Houston Texans

The Box Score: 18/36, 221 Yards, 1 TD, 2INTs, 20.3 QBR

Photo Credit: Battle Red Blog

The Houston Texans could have salvaged their season in wake of Deshaun Watson’s injury if they signed Kaepernick or any competent QB in his place. Instead, the Texans stuck with Tom Savage, and they are on their way to have a top 5 pick in the 2018 NFL Draft. As a starter, Savage has yet to prove that he can play in the league. At this point, the Texans' best QB on the roster may be former QB turned WR Braxton Miller.

The Player: Brock Osweiler, Denver Broncos

The Box Score: 18/33, 221 Yards, 1 TD, 1 INT, 59.9 QBR.

From a numbers standpoint, Osweiler didn’t play as bad as past quarterbacks listed in our rankings. In fact, he may have one of the better stat lines that we’ve seen. Although that may be the case, his play hasn’t been good enough to keep the Broncos afloat for a possible playoff bid. If you don’t believe me, this pass against the New England Patriots shows all you need to know.

The Player: Tyrod Taylor, Buffalo Bills

The Box Score: 9/16, 56 Yards, 1 INT, 29.7 QBR

Tyrod doesn't have time for the fake love. (Photo Credit: Sporting News)

I️ hate that I️ have to put Tyrod on this list, considering he lost his starting job to the unproven Nate Peterman. Taylor had his worst outing of the season against the stingy New Orleans Saints defense. He failed to lead his team to a touchdown for the first time this season and he had a penchant for checking the ball down enough to make Brad Johnson proud.

Even though Taylor didn’t have his best game this past Sunday it’s a shame to see him on the bench, especially since the Bills are in contention to make the playoffs. With Taylor’s benching, it shows how short the leash can be for some QBs. Taylor is one of few NFL QBs that have less than 5 INTs with over 200 passing attempts.


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