The TSFJ Run Challenge Is Here

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Picture courtesy of Zack Sylvan.

Sometime in May, Crazy Joe Simmons and I were talking about different types of workouts when he told me about a running group he was in with some people all across the country. It was made possible by the Nike+ Running App they all had on various electronic devices they used regularly. I have a love-hate relationship with cardio, which basically means that I get all my cardio in when I'm on the basketball court or preparing for a 5K, and since I don't hoop anymore, I barely run.

So once Joe invited me into the Nike Run group with his people to take on the 100 Miles and Running Challenge for the month of June, I knew I had my work cut out for me. Crazy Joe and I both finished the 100 with days left in June to spare, and while we were at it, the brainchild for this post came to life. Going into July, we both feel the need to spread the word to the masses. Embracing a lifestyle change and having fun while doing so is probably the best way to stick with a challenge that is physical and mental in demand.

In July, there will be three challenges for people to choose from. The first is the Dirty 30-Mile challenge, which is basically less than one mile a day. The second is the No Sweat 60-Mile Challenge, which is roughly two miles a day to get to 60 for the month. The last, the killer, is the 100 Miles And Running Challenge. All three are a test of character, strength and perseverance, and wherever you begin, the goal is to have fun and finish what you start.

Those are the three to choose from. In order to be a part of the challenge, you must have the Nike+ Running App on an electronic device, so your progress can be tracked. If you are down for the cause, hit up Crazy Joe on Twitter or leave a comment in the comments section, and he will send an invite out. All three challenges are open for invite until Monday, June 30 at 11 p.m.

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