Here's The 5 Reasons Why You Should Watch WWE's Money In The Bank

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Hello all! Welcome to the Hot Tag! Where we’re going to try to invite you into the world of World Wrestling Entertainment, little-by-little. Or a lot by a lot. Whatever your dose, we got you covered. This week myself, Kellen Daniel, along with my partner Kyle Hoffman invite you to check out this Sunday’s Money in the Bank Pay-Per-View Special Event on the WWE Network. Money In The Bank is special, because it’s a ladder match in which the winner gets a World Heavyweight Championship match whenever, wherever. We’re going to try and get you guys up to speed and give the 5 main reasons why you should tune in with us instead of watching Nicki Minaj win best female rap at the BET Awards for the fifty-leventh time.

A New Champion Will Be Crowned

After two months of not having an active World Champion due to Daniel Bryan’s untimely injury, WWE will finally crown a new champion at the Money In The Bank ‘Special Event’ this Sunday night. The eight participants in this all have a legit shot at winning the title and the anticipation for this match is the highest it has been probably since WrestleMania (I was there, BTDubs). The match is the perfect mix of seasoned vets as well as new blood chomping at the bit to make a name for themselves in a match of this magnitude. Title changes are always a good reason to watch WWE, especially the Heavyweight title, and we are being guaranteed a World title change Sunday night. So really, that should be enough, right? RIGHT?!.....

The main reason you should watch is simply because it is Money In The Bank. In my experience as a WWE fan, MITB is usually one of the best PPVs that WWE does during the season. Winning a MITB match virtually guarantees you are in line to become champion. Ladder matches usually deliver, and we will be having one for the briefcase and one for the WWE World Heavyweight title. This brings me to my next reason…

dean ambrose

Here's your chance to see new stars step up to be major players

Along with the guarantee of a new champion being crowned, we get a chance to see fresh faces being inserted into the main event scene right now. After what seems like a lifetime, new guys are finally stepping up to claim their spot at the top of WWE's food chain. Guys like Cesaro, Bray Wyatt, Roman Reigns (more on him later), Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose have the opportunity to become certified stars in their respective matches. Are they ready? Sure seems that way. But we won't know for sure until we watch the events unfold on Sunday night. Of all the guys mentioned, I’d keep my eye on Cesaro and Seth Rollins. These guys have a lot of eyes on them and can deliver when called upon. Now is the time to show that they can go out there and compete against the WWE’s elite like John Cena and Randy Orton.

TWO LADDER MATCHES with fantastic lineups. In the ladder match for the briefcase, we have Seth Rollins, Dolph Ziggler, Dean Ambrose, Kofi Kingston, Dolph Ziggler, and Jack Swagger. Bad News Barrett was supposed to be in the match, but he’s now out with a shoulder injury. In the other match, we have John Cena, Roman Reigns, Sheamus, Bray Wyatt, Kane, Randy Orton, Cesaro, and Alberto Del Rio. If those names aren’t enough to get you to watch, then I don’t know what will. This match has tons of star power with guys that can bring it and put on a show. I see no reason why these matches won’t be great.

The John Cena factor

John Cena. You can't discuss anything WWE-related without the face of the franchise for over 10 years now. He’s like a roach that you just can't kill. Cena is the cornerstone of the WWE now, and until he decides not to, in all honesty. Even when he’s not involved in major storylines, you still have to account for him, ala Calvin Johnson or a USC Reggie Bush where ever he is on the field. (and in the case of USC Reggie Bush, when he was on the field.) on the field. That’s why I wouldn’t be surprised if John Cena found a way to capture a 15th world title win this Sunday night. Simply put, he’s good enough to do so.

John Cena, John Cena, John Cena. Love him or hate him, the name draws a reaction from fans. Most people know who Cena is. He’s like the Lakers, Cowboys, and Yankees. You either love him or hate him. There is no middle ground. Say what you want about Cena, but the man brings ratings and moves merchandise. He’ll be relevant until he no longer wants to be. As far as Cena and Money In The Bank? He’s the safe choice to win. Most fans will hate it, but I wouldn’t even be mad at it. Seems that whoever wins the title will be in a feud with Brock Lesnar. After losing $750 million, Vince McMahon may have to make the safe choice.


Can Roman Reigns Deliver?

Roman Reigns has everything you could ask for in a wrestler. Movie Star good looks? Check. Former athlete? Check. NFL D-Linemen size? Check. He’s driven and seems to have a good head on his shoulders. BUT (and there’s always a “but”), he’s very inexperienced. He better be a fast learner for what the WWE seems to have planned for him. Reigns was shielded (no pun intended…ok maybe a small one…OK pun intended smh) when he was with Rollins and Ambrose, but now he’s going alone from here on out. Will he sink or swim? The people seem to be behind him, and he’s got a ton of momentum going into the show. It's not out of the realm of possibility for Reigns to walk out of Money In The Bank as World Heavyweight Champion. Win or lose, Reigns has to show up. That’s why he’s the one to watch this weekend.

Money In The Bank will be the first time we see Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and Seth Rollins as singles competitors. Now that The Shield is officially broken up and a thing of the past, we finally get to see what these three men can do on their own. As you should know, we get to see Reigns attempt to become WWE World Heavyweight champ. Rollins and Ambrose will be battling with four other men for the briefcase. We’ve all wondered what would happen once The Shield was split, and we finally get to see. This brings me to my next reason…

Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins….This is going to be a GREAT feud. There is no doubt in my mind. All you have to do is just go back and watch the last three weeks. Ambrose HATES Rollins now. His former “brother” stabbed him in the back to join The Authority, and Ambrose wants his revenge. Ambrose is Brian Pillman, Steve Austin, and Psycho Sid rolled into one. He’s a lunatic, he’s unpredictable, and he’s best for business. On the other side, we have Seth Rollins. He’s one of the best workers in the E right now. The man puts on a show in the ring. Having these two in the ladder match makes it must-see TV.

daniel bryan

Daniel Bryan’s WWE future

Daniel Bryan is a wildcard if there ever was one. His future is no doubt in jeopardy while he recovers from neck surgery after being stripped of the World title earlier this month. Bryan might be the equivalent of a guy hitting the game-winning jumper and tears his ACL on the way down (for the record, I wouldn't wish that on anyone, but you get the point). As good as it got for Bryan, it got ten times worse quick, fast and in a hurry. Daniel Bryan is scheduled to appear on the pre-show of Money In The Bank for the first time since being stripped of the titles. I, for one, am very interested in where he goes when he returns from injury. I don’t think he’ll ever get that momentum back that he lost when he went down, but I do love to root for the underdog.

Having Daniel Bryan on the pre-show was a great idea by WWE, and much better than any pointless match they could have put on. The WWE Universe LOVES Daniel Bryan, and with good reason. He’s the best wrestler in the business right now. His feud with The Authority and his title chase leading to his WrestleMania moment was great. With that said, all of that came crashing down quickly. For those that don’t know, Bryan’s father passed away right after he won the title. After that, Conan the Crusher passed away as well. On top of that, WWE booked him in a pointless feud with ‘The Demon’ Kane. We aren’t trying to see Kane in the main event in 2014. During this feud, Bryan injured his neck and had to have surgery. Now his status is in limbo. We don’t know when he’ll be back, and we don’t know if he’ll ever be the same. I want hear what he has to say. This makes the pre-show a must-watch.

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