Podcast: Floyd Mayweather Is A Money-Making Genius; Miguel Cotto Is Up Next

On this edition of #theUCshow, we're fortunate to have two esteemed guests chop it up with the fellas as boxing and the NBA playoffs take center stage this weekend.

  • Morgan Campbell of the Toronto Star will join us on the show to talk about about the upcoming mega-fight between Floyd Mayweather and Miguel Cotto. Morgan points out that Floyd's business model is impeccable, and that being the bad guy keeps him paid. Plus, does Cotto have any chance at winning? We'll discuss.
  • The gospel of Josh Smith is preached by Andre Aldridge of SportSouth, as the Atlanta Hawks and the Boston Celtics continue their playoff battle. Is Josh Smith ready to come back and play in Game Three versus the Celtics? How far can these Hawks truly go in the Eastern Conference playoffs?
  • Jonathan Tillman a.k.a. The Till Show hops on the show, and the man is despondent. His Knicks are failing him, Amare's punching fire extinguishers, and Till is fed up.

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