Podcast: The Angry Corner, NFL Draft, And Cinco De Mayweather

mayweather vs guerrero and pops

On this recent edition of The UC Show, Ed leads off by going crazy on the newly-drafted quarterback of the New York Jets, Geno Smith. See, it's one thing that Geno didn't get drafted in the first round. Teams are going to do what's in their best interest. It's been like that since day one.

However, for Geno to commit this abomination is something that none of the three amigos could let slide. All three of us went in, but Ed did the most damage and even if someone thinks the fellas went overboard, it was all because there are people who want to see the man succeed. Acts like the aforementioned are not the recipe for success.

After that, Tinsley spoke about the Dallas Cowboys and their draft while Ed and Kenny egged him on. Hey, it was necessary, and as much energy as Tins puts in when it comes to defending the Cows, it was necessary to be a little animated.

Finally, we spoke about May Day, the annual holiday of Floyd Mayweather fights. Well, the father of Robert Guerrero, Ruben Guerrero, decided to get on the mic recently and act a plum fool, which may lead to an ass-whooping of epic proportions, come Saturday night.

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