Podcast: The Battle for Theme Music Continues and The NBA's Old Men Are Back

On this edition of The Unsportsmanlike Conduct Show, Ed has to take his talents to Memphis, so Kenny and Justin pick up the reins. Jonathan Tillman, a.k.a. The Till Show, steps into the third position to bring the heat this Wednesday evening. Discussion topics include the following:

  • Tins is obviously still upset about not having theme music,  although Till is a co-host and Kenny egregiously still played HIS theme music.
  • Is it time to take the Boston Celtics seriously? The fellas discuss the coaching wizardry of Doc Rivers and the evolution of an aged Beantown squad.
  • Is Derrick Rose going to play basketball this season? It's time to ask the dreaded question that Bulls fans can't ignore anymore.
  • TSFJ hoops correspondents Bryan Crawford and Myles Brown call in to cuss out the fellas the only way they can, but knowledge is dropped as well.

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