Starting Lineups: Danny Trevathan, DeSean Jackson And Being A Football Moron


You saw it. I saw it. The whole damn world saw it. Second-year linebacker Danny Trevathan went from making an absolutely great play — jumping a route and picking off reigning Super Bowl-winning quarterback Joe Flacco with nothing but green in front of him — to making one of the most boneheaded plays you will ever see — all on the same play.

DeSean Jackson, anyone? Now listen, I understand Trevathan is not accustomed to running with the ball and not familiar with the ways of a touchdown … but come on, man! If you are professional football player — scratch that, if you are a pee-wee football player, you simply cannot let this happen. I know he was excited and exhilarated and couldn't contain himself, but there's absolutely nothing I can say positive about dropping the ball before you actually cross the goal line. When you do that, you are officially a football moron, and that label will forever be on your résumé.

Just like DeSean Jackson, Danny Trevathan is a football moron.

Lucky for him, his Denver Broncos routed the Super Bowl champs behind Peyton Manning's ridiculous 462-yards, seven-touchdown monster of a game. That Manning fellow is pretty good.

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