The REAL Top 10 Wide Receivers In The NFL, 2013 Edition

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I have never seen the TSFJ e-offices as stressed as I have over this project.

We've done plenty of lists around here before. From the top quarterbacks in the NFL to the best kick returners in college football history and so on and so on, lists are what we do here at TSFJ. So when I brought up the idea of reviving an old classic from our days back at ETSF, the idea was immediately met with eagerness and anticipation.

Who are the REAL top 10 wide receivers in the NFL?

What transpired in the TSFJ e-offices was nothing short of civil anarchy. People were cussing up storms, people talked about folks' mamas and people really had to re-evaluate everything they thought about the wide receiver position in 2013. What follows is a list of the top 10 wideouts in the league, but really, it was a labor of love. You think about who you think the 10 best wide receivers are, then check back with us in the comments section.

Here we go, as brought to you by Kenny Masenda, Justin Tinsley, Ed The Sports Fan and Reverend Paul Revere ...

julio and roddy
T-10. - Victor Cruz

First he was the guy who was wearing a boosie #3 jersey just trying to scrap and claw his way onto the team. Then he was the guy who started breaking touchdown-scoring plays for the New York Giants. Then he was the salsa-dancing brother in the end zone showing the world that Puertoricans can ball out too. For Victor Cruz, the breakout phase of his career is over. He is now a known commodity, and he has consistently produced at an elite level for the last two seasons. If he does it again this year, we'll know not only that he's not a fluke, but that he's the new definition of what a slot receiver can truly be. --Ed

T-10. - Julio Jones

This is the one guy all four of us agreed will likely make the biggest jump by the start of next season. Jones has every physical ability a wide receiver could ever ask with one analyst proclaiming Jones was better than Calvin Johnson. And to be quite honest, his numbers his first two years in the NFL would be inflated even more had it not been for the luxury of having Tony Gonzalez and Roddy White as teammates. With Stephen Jackson in tow now, expect Julio to garner more single coverage, which could make an explosive Atlanta offense even more venomous. --Tinsley

8. A.J. Green

Besides averaging 81 catches, over 1,200 yards and nine touchdowns in his first two years in the league — and helping make the Cincinnati Bengals a legit playoff team — A.J. Green hasn't done much. Want to know why he deserves to be on this list at just age 25? Because he's so important he has his coaches telling teammates they can't hurt him. Oh, and he can also do things like this. --Rev

7. Dez Bryant

Some people will look at this ranking and shake their heads, especially when they see how Dez Bryant finished the 2012 NFL season with over 800 receiving yards and 10 touchdowns in his last eight games. They will especially do so once they see how each member of the panel ranked him. I, the same person who last season crowned Dez as my favorite Dallas Cowboy of all-time, have him #7 on my list. Tinsley, another member of The Dez Bryant Fan Club, has him #7 as well. Ironically, the panelist who has him the highest (at #6) is also the panelist who hates the Dallas Cowboys the most, and that is The Reverend Paul Revere.

While Dez is well on his way to being an elite wide receiver in the League, my logic is simple: There are six receivers ahead of him who are all playing at a high level and have done so longer than him. However, it is only a matter of time before Dez finds his way higher and higher on this list and, hopefully, at the top spot. --Kenny

6. Roddy White

Matt Ryan has the best 1-2 wide receiving core in the league, and that's not even much of a true debate otherwise. His counterpart Julio Jones may be more talented and physically imposing, but even that's saying something considering White has averaged 94 catches, 1,295 yards and eight touchdowns the past six seasons. --Tinsley

larry fitzgerald calvin johnson

5. Reggie Wayne

If any phrase properly defines Wayne, it's "model of consistency." Having entered the NFL in 2001 as an understudy to Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison, Weezy has since gone on to become one of the most reliable receivers of his generation and done so without a fair share of hoopla or praise. He's tallied at least 1,000 yards in eight of the last nine seasons, and the one he didn't he still managed to snag 960 (which just happened to be the season Peyton was out with a neck injury and pre-Andrew Luck). Also keep in mind his durability, as he's only missed one start since 2003. --Tinsley

4. Andre Johnson

Injuries have hampered Andre Johnson the past couple seasons as age has caught up with him, but he's still one of the biggest and baddest targets in football this side of that other Johnson in Detroit. And while he got off to slow start last season, he was back to his normal self by week 6 and a flat-out stud again following a week 8 bye. Just ask the Jaguars if Andre still has it (sorry, Ed). --Rev

3. Larry Fitzgerald

Once upon a time, Fitz was considered the best in the business, but ever since Kurt Warner called it a career, his numbers have steadily decreased. This is not Larry Fitzgerald's fault in the least. He may not be quite as fast or athletic as he was in his 20s (Larry turned 30 last Saturday), but he still can do it all. It's not his fault he's been tasked with catching passes from a list of quarterbacks I wouldn't trust to lead a Pop Warner team. --Rev

2. Brandon Marshall

Brandon Marshall is the receiver I really, really, REALLY wanted to rank as the best in all of football, but it is impossible for me to put anyone over Megatron right now. I tried using catches as a metric, touchdowns, yards and no matter what I used, over a three-year period, it didn’t work. The one thing Marshall has over just about anyone on this list is that he’s been in awful situations in his career (namely, the Dolphins whose quarterbacks I can’t name without looking up) and still played extremely well. He has the hands, speed, strength and the brain to dominate at his position, and with him doing it year after year, there’s no doubt in my mind that Brandon Marshall has a legitimate claim as being in a class of his own. --Kenny

1. Calvin Johnson

Here are the many reasons why Calvin Johnson is the gold standard of wide receivers in the NFL right now:

  1. I'm still not convinced Matthew Stafford is anything more than an average quarterback.
  2. 90% of America can't name another wide receiver on the Detroit Lions outside of Calvin Johnson.
  3. I'm not sure Jim Schwartz is a good head coach.
  4. The Lions faced two of the top 10 defenses in 2012 in divisional foes Chicago and Green Bay and he still went off.

This man was just a little bit over 100 feet away from 2,000 receiving yards last season, and I'm pretty sure he's going to break it in 2013. Now if we can just get the man into the playoffs so he can achieve his ultimate glory … well, we might be asking for just a bit too much of the best receiver on the planet. --Ed

Here is the breakout of how our votes went ...

top 10 wrs breakout
... and here's the final list ...

top 10 wrs list

Let the debate begin. Who was deserving that didn't make the list? Have we lost our minds? Probably. Let's discuss in the comments section and share your thoughts. 

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