The 10 Mitchell & Ness Items We All Need In Our Lives

Sports and style are synonymous to one another. The image of the team is what bands, bonds and extends the team to the fans, and it crosses over from generation to generation. The good folks at Mitchell & Ness having been making sure that the timeless crossover of the greats of the past are represented in real time for years now, with stunning accuracy.

In honor of that, we, the good people at The Sports Fan Journal, are feeling a bit nostalgic to start the year off. And as the calendar is freshly rolled over (and M&N brought in with a crazy good sale to start it off right), here are our picks for our very favorite pieces of instant vintage sports gear. Enjoy.

Philadelphia 76ers 1993-94 Moses Malone Authentic ($300)

When people think of the Philadelphia 76ers, guys like Allen Iverson and Dr. J are always mentioned first and for good reason, but I’ve always hated how the “Chairman of the Boards” was always forgotten. He was arguably the centerpiece of that 1983 championship team, and easily one of the greatest athletes to have ever played on any Philly sports team. That’s why his '93-'94 “Return season” jersey is one I absolutely covet. The hoops enthusiast in me loves the idea that he would return that late in his career for one last run, in a mentor role at that. No, it wasn’t the end of his career, but it was a fitting end to that chapter of it. -- Esau

Oakland Athletics 1972 Catfish Hunter Alternate Jersey ($275)

Has there ever been a jersey so hideously beautiful? The Oakland Athletics of the early 1970s epitomized the period of change in baseball. Owner Charlie Finley encouraged his players to sport facial hair. He dressed them in a garish mix of yellow and green hues. And in some cases, he bestowed his stars with nicknames they never even earned. Jim Hunter grew up in North Carolina, where many of the inhabitants pulled catfish after catfish out of the rivers ... but he didn't. Still, the name sounded cool: Catfish Hunter. And the pitcher matched the name. -- No Class Friday

Richie Ashburn 1950 Home Phillies Jersey ($250)

Richie Ashburn was one of the most beloved sports personalities ever in the City of Brotherly Love. Not only was he a Hall of Fame centerfielder, but he was part of the greatest broadcasting duo of all time along with Hall of Fame announcer Harry Kalas. Those two men literally helped raise me on the game of baseball, and I miss them both every single time I watch or listen to a Phillies game. -- The Rev

Dallas Cowboys Traditional Competitor Jacket ($60)

Are the Dallas Cowboys the shining example of mediocrity in professional football? Yes. But that doesn't mean I'm abandoning ship despite Bill Callahan's insistence on calling a bootleg on 4th-and-1 with a more than capable running back in DeMarco Murray at his disposal. In fact, I'm so far gone in my Cowboys fanhood I scooped this jacket.

The reason being because like the people of power who make decisions for this team, it's simple. Only in this case, simple works flawlessly with this jacket. It's gray and navy blue with "The Star" emblem. And you know what? It shall go perfectly with my Cowboys skully the next time I feel like being ridiculed and laughed at in public. Thanks a lot, Jerry. -- Tins

Seattle Supersonics Stadium Crew ($24)

At some point, the city of Seattle will receive another professional basketball team. And if they know what's good for 'em, they'll return to not only one of the greatest team names ever in "Supersonics," but also the same exact color scheme.

You're probably wondering what shoes a person could rock with a crew neck that's green and yellow. Ladies and gentlemen, the LeBron X Volts. Consider the cypher complete. -- Tins

St. Louis Cardinals 1946 Home Stan Musial Jersey ($325)

In 1946, Stan Musial led the National League in 12 separate categories — TWELVE. Among that museum of dominance was a .365 average, 50 doubles, 20 triples, 228 hits and 366 total bases. That’s how you get a nickname like “The Man,” and Stan was never cleaner than in 1946 wearing one of the Cardinals' most classic uniforms of all time. There’s a reason why the Cardinals shifted their home Saturdays back to a close replica of these, because it’s the type of greatness that you never want to see fade. -- The Cheap Seat Fan

Atlanta Falcons 1990 Deion Sanders Home Jersey ($225)

This pick was a no-brainer. If there was ever a player who made you a fan regardless of what team he played for, then Deion Sanders was it. In 1992 he was on top of the world and just fully coming into his greatness as arguably the greatest cornerback to ever play the game. What makes this jersey even more special is that I was campaigning to some colleagues of mine that Prime Time's debut single, "Must Be The Money," should have been a smash hit. There was no one cooler than Deion Sanders in the NFL, and especially not during his Atlanta Falcons era. From the chains to the shades and even the jheri curl, the fact that he was the best in the league at what he did just sealed the deal. This was one former Cowboy I would of gladly welcomed onto my beloved Eagles. -- Esau

Montreal Expos 1984 Jacket ($125)

Let me be clear about this, the loss of the Montreal Expos is one of the great tragedies in sports history. Not because they were on the verge of being a powerhouse, nor is it because the people of Montreal still show out annually that the support is there (and that the Rays should be confiscated from Tampa immediately and gifted to said fans). No, it is because they had some of the greatest uniforms EVER. They mastered that corniness that the '70s and '80s often bred but still turned out one of the coolest blue and red ensembles this side of Captain America. Viva la Expos, for life. -- The Cheap Seat Fan

Charlotte Hornets Script Undervisor Snapback ($30)

It's obvious that we here at TSFJ have a soft spot for the old legacy of the Charlotte Hornets.

So when the yellow-eyed god that is Michael Jordan made it official in stating that Hugo the Hornet would be kicking Bob the Bobcat (???) out of his NBA perch in Charlotte, everyone around the world said a collective amen. (Well, except for Bob Johnson, but who cares.) So when the Hornets return with their glorious color scheme and a roster chock-full of young players, it might be cool to also break out the nostalgic gear. You could go for any of those teal or purple jerseys if you wish, but I thought this cap was pretty damn dope. Now if you'll excuse me, let me break out the debit card and make this purchase. -- ETSF

New Orleans Jazz 1975-76 Road “Pistol” Pete Maravich Jersey ($225)

There are very few athletes in history cooler than Pistol Pete. He lit the Bayou on fire at LSU, putting up over 40 a night before the 3-pointer was even an idea yet. He took that same flare to the NBA and remains one of the greatest showmen in the history of the game. In a time when it’s a special event in the league to see a nickname across the back of a jersey, Pete was so real that it was really the only thing that was right to put across his back. And seeing "Pistol" spelled out across your back — and no questions need be asked about why — is about as bad-ass as it gets. -- The Cheap Seat Fan

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