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Indianapolis Colts @ San Francisco 49ers – Betting Tips, Odds & Predictions

The NFL season is well & truly underway, and we have already seen plenty of top football action. In week 7, the Indianapolis Colts travel west across the country to play against the San Francisco 49ers. This encounter involves two franchises that rarely meet, but this is set up to be a very entertaining affair. 

San Francisco 49ers

Coming off the back of their bye week, the San Francisco 49ers are struggling in the NFC West and are 2-3 on the year. After a strong opening two weeks, winning both against the Lions & the Eagles, the 49ers had their momentum stopped by the Green Bay Packers in a 30-28 loss. From there, San Francisco were handed back-to-back defeats against division rivals – the Seattle Seahawks & undefeated Arizona Cardinals.

The 49ers have been hit with major injuries during the season, including starting QB Jimmy Garoppolo. As a result, rookie QB Trey Lance has started the last game against Arizona. However, now he is injured, but Jimmy G is set to return to the field against the Colts. 

Indianapolis Colts

In contrasting fashion to their upcoming opponents, the Indianapolis Colts lost their first three games of the new season – with the first two against NFC West teams (the LA Rams & the Seahawks). Then, the Colts lost to their own division rivals against the Tennessee Titans. However, Indianapolis have since turned it around to be 3-3 on the year, winning their latest three games.

Now, with some form of momentum behind them, the Colts travel west across the country to play a tough 49ers side looking to bounce back, fresh off of their bye week. The Colts’ offense has started to find its feet with Carson Wentz at the helm, and a strong backfield for their run game.

Colts @ 49ers - Betting Odds

Heading into the Sunday Night Football matchup, almost all of the US bookmakers are backing the San Francisco 49ers as favorites to get the win.

San Francisco 49ers: -200

Indianapolis Colts: +165

From this, the majority of online betting sites & sportsbooks are backing the home side to get the win, but the betting odds don’t stop there! Of course, online betting in the US has grown rapidly, and now there’s an extensive selection of even more betting markets & odds available. For example, BetMGM – today’s leading US online sportsbook – are offering exclusive odds for the 49ers to score 30+ points on Sunday night at odds of +210! Here at TSFJ, we think that this selection is extremely generous, and definitely worth considering.

Colts @ 49ers - Betting Tips & Predictions

At, we have the latest NFL betting tips every week for you to take advantage of. Click here to find out more! When it comes to this upcoming week 7 SNF, we are following the bookies on this one, with the San Francisco 49ers getting the all-important win after their bye week.

For our specific NFL betting tip, we are predicting that the Prime Time game will be closer than some think, and could be a max. 2 score game. Therefore, we are using BetMGM’s odds for the 49ers to win by 7-12 points – odds are at +360! 

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