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NFL | Predicting the Starting QB for Every Franchise Next Season

With the NFL Draft officially past (by a few weeks now), we take a look at who we think will be the starting QBs for each and every NFL team in week 1 of the regular season. 

With the upcoming NFL season taking shape, we are already excited to see the action that won’t be happening until September. Between now and then, however, there will be pre-season games, as well as a huge amount of features and build-up to what will be another great NFL season.

The big question that a number of franchises will have to answer between now and week 1 of the regular season is, ‘who will be the starting QB for the new season?’. Some decisions are already made, whilst other franchises have a number of options available at their disposal.

AFC North

Baltimore Ravens – Lamar Jackson

lamar jackson

This one is a pretty easy decision, with Lamar Jackson being one of the best young QBs around at the moment. As well as being the 2019 NFL MVP, Jackson has set a number of rushing records as a QB.

Cincinnati Bengals – Joe Burrow

As the No.1 overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, Burrow was destined for greatness after an impressive college career at LSU. However, an unfortunate knee injury saw Burrow’s rookie season cut short. With that said, he will be back come week 1 of next season.

Cleveland Browns – Baker Mayfield

The Cleveland Browns ended their 16-year playoff drought last season, making it to the divisional round of the postseason. Baker Mayfield led the team to the playoffs, and will no doubt be looking to build on that for next season.

Pittsburgh Steelers – Ben Roethlisberger

Big Ben will be the starting QB for the Steelers in week 1 – that is quite clear. Now 39 years old, however, Roethlisberger’s time as an NFL QB may be drawing to a close, but won’t be stopping any time soon and will start for Pittsburgh in week 1.

AFC East

Buffalo Bills – Josh Allen

josh allen

The Bills drafted Wyoming QB Josh Allen seventh overall in the 2018 Draft, and haven’t looked back since. Allen was promoted to starter in his first season after some poor performances by Bills QB Nathan Peterman. Now, the Bills are leading the AFC East, and made their way to the AFC Championship game last year with Allen at the helm.

Miami Dolphins – Tua Tagovailoa

Now Ryan Fitzpatrick has moved on from Miami, it’s clear that Brian Flores is ready to give Tua everything he needs to succeed in Florida. With a strong Draft adding more offensive weapons, Tagovailoa will be given the starting role for the Dolphins next season.

New England Patriots – Cam Newton

cam newton

Despite drafting Alabama QB Mac Jones in this year’s Draft, we still predict that it will be Cam Newton that starts as the Patriots QB in week 1. Bill Belichick will give Jones time to develop as a rookie, so it’s likely that Cam Newton will step onto the pitch in the first week.

New York Jets – Zach Wilson

After a hectic offseason, the Jets shipped Sam Darnold to Carolina, and used their No.2 overall pick in this year’s Draft to select BYU’s Zach Wilson. He will be given the starting role immediately as a rookie – only time will tell if he will be successful in New York.

AFC South

Houston Texans – Deshaun Watson


Off the field has been the talking point during the offseason for Watson and the Texans. With lawsuits and settlements and the rest still ongoing, we aren’t sure how it will pan out. However, the Texans have not yet taken action in regard to their starting QB role, so we predict that it will still be Deshaun Watson (if cleared).

Indianapolis Colts – Carson Wentz

After being traded out of Philadelphia, Wentz landed himself in Indianapolis as part of the Colts setup. Now, it is likely that Wentz will take the starting role for the Colts in week 1 of the upcoming season.

Jacksonville Jaguars – Trevor Lawrence

trevor lawrence draft

Trevor Lawrence was the No.1 overall pick of this year’s NFL Draft, and he will immediately be the starting QB for the Jaguars next season. After an exceptional college career at Clemson, Lawrence is being described as a generational talent – if he is, he will be a huge success for Jacksonville.

Tennessee Titans – Ryan Tannehill

In what was a redemption for Tannehill in Tennessee, he is now a standout QB and one of the best in the AFC division. Despite Arthur Smith departing the Titans, Tannehill has learned enough and will work hard with the rest of the Titans’ offense to reach the playoffs once again.

AFC West

Denver Broncos – Teddy Bridgewater

With Sam Darnold moved to Carolina, it was Bridgewater that was moved out of the Panthers setup, and traded to the Denver Broncos. Now, the Broncos have the choice of Bridgewater or last year’s starter, Drew Lock. However, we predict that Bridgewater will be considered the starter for week 1.

Kansas City Chiefs – Patrick Mahomes

patrick mahomes

Do we need to say much else?

Las Vegas Raiders – Derek Carr

After an OK season to mark their first as the Las Vegas Raiders, Derek Carr and Co. will definitely be looking to build on that and improve for next season. With a good few Draft picks this year, Carr has been given more weapons to succeed in Las Vegas.

Los Angeles Chargers – Justin Herbert

justin herbert

Herbert was the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year for last season, and will no doubt be in the starting QB role for the Chargers next season. He has cemented his place as starter after a very impressive rookie year, and will no doubt be just as good in his sophomore season.

NFC North

Chicago Bears –  Andy Dalton

In this year’s Draft, the Bears traded up in the first round to select Justin Fields as No.11 overall. However, even though the Bears would like Fields to be the future of the franchise, Andy Dalton will likely start in week 1 – after Mitch Trubisky was traded to the Bills in the offseason.

Detroit Lions – Jared Goff

In a QB-for-QB trade, Goff and Stafford were involved in a trade that saw the QB’s go either way. Now, Goff finds himself as the starting QB for the Detroit Lions, who had an underwhelming season last year. It’s up to Goff to try and turn it around for the franchise.

Green Bay Packers – Aaron Rodgers

aaron rogers

Despite a number of reports and rumours involving Rodgers and the Packers GM Brian Gutekunst, it’s unlikely that Rodgers will be moving away from Wisconsin. If, however, this does happen, it will be a huge story that will send shockwaves around the NFL world. For now, Rodgers is still a Cheesehead.

Minnesota Vikings – Kirk Cousins

Even though it was a struggle for Cousins and the Vikings for the majority of last year, the franchise will be looking to turn things around and compete for the NFC North next season. With no new additions at QB, it’s very likely that Cousins will still be the starter for Minnesota. 

NFC East

Dallas Cowboys – Dak Prescott

After finally sorting a new contract with the Cowboys, Dak Prescott will no doubt be the starting QB for Dallas come week 1 of the new season. On top of that, Dalton has now gone north, leaving the Cowboys for the Bears.

New York Giants – Daniel Jones

daniel jones

Heading into his third season in the NFL, Dan Jones will definitely be looking to kick-start his NFL career with the Giants next year. As the NFC East division is rather open, Jones has a great opportunity to lead the Giants to the postseason, with a good Draft and free agency deals this year.

Philadelphia Eagles – Jalen Hurts II

The Eagles shipped off Carson Wentz in exchange for a third-round and fourth-round pick, which was a surprise to many. Now, the Eagles have a new starting QB, as well as a new head coach. Hurts has only been in the NFL one year, so will be given the starting role in his sophomore season.

Washington Football Team – Ryan Fitzpatrick

ryan fitzpatrick fantasy

Even though Washington made the playoffs by winning the division last year, the QB position was a problem for the franchise. With Alex Smith officially retired, Washington brought in veteran Fitzpatrick on a one-year deal, and Fitzmagic is likely to start.

NFC South

Atlanta Falcons – Matt Ryan


With the addition of Arthur Smith to the Falcons coaching staff, and a No.4 overall Draft pick of Kyle Pitts (the best non-QB athlete available), it looks like Atlanta are fully committed to Ryan as starting QB. Matt Ryan is a veteran, but also has a couple of years left at a top level (injury dependent), and will be in Atlanta for a few years yet.

Carolina Panthers – Sam Darnold

Brought in after a trade with the Jets, the Panthers were very happy to bring Darnold into the fold. With this trade, there was no doubt that Darnold would be given the starting job, but now Bridgewater has left too, it’s definitely going to be Sam Darnold starting in Carolina.

New Orleans Saints – Jameis Winston

jameis winston

Veteran QB Drew Brees retired shortly after the end of the season, leaving the Saints starting role to Winston – formerly of the Buccaneers. The Saints will definitely not want the retirement of Brees to affect them, and after a strong postseason performance last year, will definitely be looking to build on that with Winston as starter.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Tom Brady

tom brady

Arguably the Greatest Of All Time. Enough said.

NFC West

Arizona Cardinals – Kyler Murray

kyler murray

Murray was a standout performer last season, and has now cemented his starting QB status for the Cardinals. With playmakers such as DeAndre Hopkins, as well as JJ Watt on the other side of the ball, now part of the Arizona setup, it’s likely that the Cardinals and Murray will be looking to compete in arguably the hardest division in the NFL.

Los Angeles Rams – Matt Stafford

The Rams trade with the Detroit Lions saw Stafford come to Los Angeles whilst Jared Goff departed. Now, Stafford will take the starting role of an NFC playoff team, and will be given every opportunity to succeed in LA.

San Francisco 49ers – Jimmy Garoppolo

The 49ers traded up in the latest NFL Draft to No.3 overall, and selected Trey Lance as a result. However, with Garoppolo still in San Francisco’s roster, there’s a chance that Lance will be given the time as backup to develop and find his feet in the league. Therefore, we think Jimmy G will start for the 49ers in week 1.

Seattle Seahawks – Russell Wilson

russell wilson trade demand

The Seahawks have had a bit of a quiet offseason, despite some early rumours that star QB Wilson was heading out of Seattle. However, now that doesn’t seem to be the case, and Russell Wilson will still definitely be the starting QB for the Seahawks.

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